Sunday, January 20, 2013

Handyman Fever

Larry, flush with success after completing his insulation project in the den, spent yesterday tearing out the walls in Anna's old room.  His reason?  They needed paint.  Really. 

You see, even before Anna officially moved out last summer, Brian had been coveting her domain.  Rumor has it he was even seen sneaking into her room while she was at work and measuring her closet to see if his Lego table would fit.  But, of course, he wasn't excited about taking ownership of a room whose wall color roughly resembles that of black raspberry ice cream.

Gosh, it seems like just yesterday that I was regaling you with the story of choosing that paint color3 years ago, it was...

I'm the adoring wife in the background, I guess.
So!  As Brian pored over paint sample cards, Larry (following his usual perfectionist logic) said, "Well, I'm not going to paint those walls without first tearing them down and putting insulation."

Apparently, folks, he is planning to rip our house apart bit by bit, room by room.  I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more efficient to just knock the whole thing down at once and rebuild it.

So, all that explains why my master bedroom is now crowded with an extra dresser, a disassembled bunk bed, and all the craft stuff I had stowed away in Anna's closet the minute she moved out.  That's right - Brian wasn't the only person around here eyeing that extra space...

[Handyman image: BeachTeam]


  1. And here I had hoped YOU would get a craft room!
    Hmmmm... do you at least get insulation in YOUR room before next winter? oh... wait... that would entail agreeing on a paint color, wouldn't it?

  2. I don't like the idea of the mess, but all that insulation sounds heavenly--we do NOT have that and people from colder climates can be shocked at how cold our home can get.

  3. As long as it gets reassembled in the near future, why not?

    Our next project needs to be either the last bedroom or maybe the dining room. Last bedroom is very cold, as the valve on the radiator is stuck in the off position? The leaking pipe from the main line to that room was repaired. The self bleeding valve bleeds air like it was design. No hot water goes through the radiator, pipe is hot until it hits the adjustable valve. :P

    Dining room, plaster is loose is many places. Besides, if I gut that room, I can run replacement wires for the first floor ceiling lights and have working lights and ceiling fans again. Did you know if you connect the ground wire to the black (hot) wire on a circuit, the chains to switch the fan speed and turn on/off the light will give you a shock? I'm guessing the previous owners did not understand that.

  4. I'm thinking I'd feel right at home at your place.

  5. You know, he did do the den in time for the party, so maybe this project won't drag on and on?

  6. My youngest is 9 so I'm hoping by the time he's 18 at least 2 of the 3 will have moved out so I can have my own craft room ;)