Saturday, January 19, 2013

Preemptive Nostalgia

Not dead yet...

Totally worth coloring for...
Enjoying (or trying to, anyway, drugged up on Sudafed and Excedrin Migraine as I am) this rare sunny day.  We'll be scooping up freebies (hey, our local bakery gives a free cookie for a completed snowman coloring page!) and buying ingredients for David's lasagna and attending a birthday party (cake!).  All in all, it's a gloriously ordinary suburban day, one that I am sure I will look back on fondly when I sit, alone and forgotten, in a nursing home someday.

Wow, where did THAT come from?  Must be the menopause...

Maybe I'll cheer myself up by reading Celebrity sTalker again before I give it away.  Last day to enter!

[Cookie image: Peanut Butter Runner]


  1. You won't be alone and forgotten in a nursing home. I'll be there!

  2. Rare sunny day is right! Even in my sicky-state, I'm glad to see the sun shining. xo

  3. Hip-hip-hooray for sunshine! And cookies!

    With a memory like mine, "forgotten" is probably a good description of my nursing home years.

  4. I am going to go sit outside for some Vitamin D therapy.

    I've had a heckuva week here myself. Blog post to follow later today.

  5. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get rid of all my kids. If they all fly eventually I'll have a party that's for sure!