Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Party's Over

We had to get back in the swing of things this week, which meant finding the schoolbooks and figuring out assignments and, well, after 2 weeks or so of Christmas and parties and party food and what all, that didn't go over very well.  Plus I had to start driving these kids all over the place again, which was a harsh departure from sitting around in my fat jeans, while knitting and eating leftover Christmas candy.

So, yeah, it wasn't the greatest week.  To top it off, thinking that I was FINALLY caught up on popular culture (as I had watched the first episode of Downton Abbey Season 3 AHEAD of time on my friend's British DVD player), I rashly chose to read some blog posts about the episode and was treated to numerous spoilers before I figured out that EVERYONE ELSE in this country had cheated by watching 2 (2!) episodes last Sunday night.

Cain't say no...
Really, people - whatever happened to delayed gratification? 

So I had to go back to my friend's house and eat MORE holiday cookies (see above, re "fat jeans") and watch Episode 2.  Then, just to make sure I didn't fall behind, we decided to watch Episode 3.  And here's the part where I decide to be mature and not ruin things for anyone.  Much.

Just...Edith.  It's about Edith.  Also, Mary and Matthew look REALLY cute in bed together, don't you think?  And the dowager countess is in fine form, as usual.

Back in the real world, things aren't quite as pleasant.  Susie decided to spend half of last night coughing, and I decided to help Larry feel important by letting him take care of it.  I wouldn't be surprised if he booked a hotel room for himself tonight, though. 

Theo left us over the weekend to finish up his senior year at college.  He had spent most of vacation gloating that he had only one semester of school left EVER and gleefully anticipating life as an adult with a paying job and no homework.  "It's gonna be great!" he exulted.

Larry and I chose not to disabuse him of his fantasy.  But that kid must not be very observant.  I mean, how does he think we got the way we are, anyway?

Larry had to drive Theo to school (12 hours away), so he took Brian with him and dropped him off at Navhelowife's house on the way (Brian and her youngest are great friends).  That left me with David (for technical assistance) and 2 little girls, one of whom was DETERMINED to visit the American Girl Store for the debut of Paige.  Or Saige.  I can't remember.

Don't get involved - she's high maintenance.
Might I mention here that we own no American Girl dolls?  And that I have made it clear that we never will, because they are ridiculously expensive?

Nevertheless, Friday found us at the mall, where I took my virgin tour of that retail mecca for all things American Girl.  Not wishing to quash Rachel's excitement, I refrained from pointing out that people were spending MORE MONEY on their doll's hair ($20 hair styling for your doll, I swear to God) than I spend on Rachel's.  I even shared Rachel's delight in the matching dresses (one for the doll, the other for the doll's owner), although the price tags made me want to scream in shock.  We managed to leave, finally, with one finished craft project, a Saige poster, and a doll-size Saige T-shirt (all free).

And I am never going back in there, people.  NEVER AGAIN.

[Cookie tray image: Jovina Cooks Italian]
[Saige image: Doll Diaries]


  1. I am behind on my popular culture. Just watched Downton Abbey Episode 2 of Season 2.

    American Girl dolls. Sigh. I liked the stories for introducing my girls to history, but the dolls and accoutrements are so, well, Downton Abbeyish.

    1. I like the books, also, for the same reason. The merchandise pricing is ridiculous, however.

  2. Whatever happened to sewing? My dolls and I often had matching dresses because my aunt sewed them. Visit my blog next Time Warp Tuesday and you'll see.

    1. Yes, Auntie Kate has given the girls the knock-off dolls and made clothes for them, too. But they never play with them. Just can't beat that American Girl allure, I guess...

  3. I haven't even seen season 2 of DT Abbey yet. :( I foolishly thought I'd wait till it hit netflix and it looks like that is never going to happen. (Only season 1 is on netflix.)

    We went to the American Girl store in Chicago. It was kind of creepy and full of women my age who seemed more interested in the dolls than the children were.

    1. Do the one-month free trial of Amazon Prime - it has Season 2. That's what I did.

  4. Ah, one cheap thing about raising boys--no American Girl dolls.
    Weird that they combined episodes 1-2 on Masterpiece.
    Now I feel I need a cookie.

  5. We couldn't wait--we watched Season 3 last fall. I wrote short synopses then for my sister-in-law who couldn't wait to find out what happened but knew it was sinful to watch pirated episodes. Now, [daughter] Lillian and I are co-posting full recaps and each one takes so long I don't think we'll get one single other thing done until the series ends. It's fun--we're having a great time [so far]--but I'm afraid we might have bitten off more than we can chew. I hope PBS drops back to a more manageable single episode next Sunday! Non-DA fans must think we are ridiculous, but it will be over soon enough; please be patient with us.

    Poor Edith!

    1. Lillian's recap was awesome. I'm linking to it in my next post.

  6. I still haven't watched, so I quit reading after "fat jeans." I will be back Tuesday to check out the recap.

  7. Do you have any goodies left? I'm having withdrawal symptoms...

    My mom had an American girl doll, plus an entire dresser drawer full of accessories. Blech.