Friday, May 17, 2013

All The Wrinkled Ladies

Don't you hate how, when you're sick and need sleep, you can't sleep because you're too sick?  I've been tired and under the weather all day, so I can't even attempt a blog post right now.  I'll just put this out there for any of you who may have missed it when it first came out.

I already posted this three years ago, but I still love it. Shake it, ladies!


  1. Ha!! I've never seen that one. Might have to share it! Hope you feel better soon. No sleep is the pits.


  2. get well soon! And, thanks for the video! :D

  3. Hilarious. I hope you are feeling 100% by now.

  4. I've got to share this one with my dh's mother and sisters. Too funny!! (Hope you feel better)