Thursday, May 02, 2013

Mother's Day, Rescheduled

After a couple of days?  The camper feels about this big.
We leave this coming Tuesday for a 12-hour trek to watch Theo graduate from college and be commissioned into the US Army.  Maybe I should be getting ready for that?  Like, packing or at least making lists?  Instead, I took the evening off to attend the live Cinecast of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.  It was my Mother's Day present to myself, since I will be spending the real Mother's Day surrounded by my loved ones in a 20 x 6 foot camping trailer.  Cozy.

In related news, I need to lose 10 pounds by next week.  Any ideas?  Please share them in the comments.  Feeling a tad desperate here...I'm sure the popcorn and soda tonight didn't help matters any.

Time for bed - I need to grab a few hours shuteye before Susie wakes up barking.  Yes, the croup fairy is back in town.  But, hey - Susie has a well-child visit scheduled for tomorrow morning anyway, so at least that's convenient.  Then there is tennis and park day tomorrow afternoon (we homeschoolers are nothing if not social), and I guess people might want something for dinner around here after that.

Oh, yeah, and that getting ready for a major road trip thing...I should squeeze that into the schedule somewhere, too.  Right.


  1. So YOU are the one who got to go on that movie date with Peter Sagal. What a great Mother's Day self gift!

    Good luck in that van. I hope you don't have to take any pets.

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2013


  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2013

    A road trip for Mother's Day--you ought to have a limo carry you over instead of a camper.
    Glad you treated yourself right. I do hope Susie feels better soon.

  4. Well, my husband is spending Mother's Day weekend (and the whole week after) in Athens, Greece. I'll be here, trying to hold it together for the sake of my kids, even though I'm really missing my own mother lately and feeling wobbly about this stupid May holiday. Since my MIL will be spending Mother's Day in Ireland, we're doing what I'm calling fake Mother's Day *this* Sunday and meeting her at the zoo. So I decided on Mother's Day, I'm taking my kids an hour each way to visit my grandmother in her nursing home. She loves me no matter what, and thank goodness at least somebody does.

  5. What a time you are having. Bad stress and good stress all at once--I'm sure it will be great once you are on the road.

  6. Happy camping!

    Honestly, I mean that in the best sense of the phrase. I hereby declare that you deserve to claim any day you choose as Mother's Day -- and your family must honor you immensely.

    And congratulations to Theo!