Monday, May 27, 2013

The Ravages Of Time

Susie's birthday on Saturday proceeded just as she had planned: Belgian waffles for breakfast (made by David), the opening of the presents, a lunch date with Mommy, a trip to a nearby carousel with Daddy, and then pizza (made by David) and cake (baked and decorated somewhat haphazardly by moi, the resident cake-decorating genius).  Do note that Susie opted for David to make her meals, instead of myself.  She knows which side her bread is buttered on, apparently.

Oh, and then she insisted on staying up until nearly midnight to watch "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World."  Apparently, she has developed a precocious appreciation for vintage comedy.  Myself, I fell asleep by 9.  Cake-decorating is exhausting.  Also, my youngest - my baby - is now 8, and I am verklempt.

I think I'll listen to "The Circle Game." Again.  Feel free to join me, but bring your hanky.

Sunday was perfect weather for all of us to go see the local air show.  An hour out, an hour back, and 2 hours in between spent staring into the sun.  Again, I fell asleep early.  I don't seem to have the resilience I had when I was younger - you know, when I could do maybe 2 or even 3 things in a row without needing to recover in between each one?

This will be me, only without the hatchet.
Today! My healthy friend (the one who convinced me to sign up for a 30-mile bike-a-thon in June) held me to my promise of taking a 12-mile bike ride today.  I believe she is trying to kill me.  Then we kept all the kids up late for a neighborhood marshmallow roast (I know! It's like The Truman Show around here).  I would go to bed NOW, but I'm afraid that, if I stop moving, my entire body will stiffen up from post-bike-ride syndrome.  Larry will wake up tomorrow morning and find me lying in bed, mumbling the words "oil can" over and over.

In short, I cannot handle 3-day weekends. Because I am old.  The end.

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  1. I spent a good chunk of my weekend decorating a cake too. Can totally wear you out, so I sympathize.

  2. I actually spent some time this weekend listening to some Joni Mitchell on YouTube; I appreciate that your version has the lyrics so we can sing along [with Mitch-ell]. You know, I'm even older than you so for a moment I thought, what's SHE moaning about but then I remembered you have little kids at home. You win. I certainly hope you live through that bike torture thing. Next time you'll be a little more careful what you agree to...

  3. One of my friends and I went to a rock festival on Friday night. We left shortly after 11:30, yawning uncontrollably but very happy to have seen the band we came for AND to miss the traffic after Guns 'N' Roses, who were on stage at the time. We'd also been heckled because we weren't joining the college-age somethings in binge drinking. Old is not always bad. It is comfortable.

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! I hope she appreciated the cake. I appreciated the Joni Mitchell song, because I spent several hours yesterday with my youngest daughter at a bowling alley which felt that bowling needed to be accompanied by music videos performed by Justin Bieber and his ilk. Joni Mitchell / acoustic music seems to be a good antidote.

  5. I've spent hours the last 2 weeks sorting and shredding papers. I've put 10 32 gallon garbage cans off paper, mostly shredded, out for recycling. I still have at least 2 more 18 gallon totes to sort, plus maybe 1 more which munchkins dumped on the attic floor. I'm guessing they were looking for the toys their older siblings took away when they got tired of cleaning them up?
    After the papers are sorted, I need to bring down all the clothes from the attic, and get rid of everything the youngest 2 have out grown. The big girls already sent 8 garbage bags full of clothes to goodwill, but I bet we have at least that many more to get rid of.

    Then on to the sun porch, where I have all the air conditioners that need to be cleaned out and installed in 9 windows. Once the porch is empty, I will be putting up shelves and sorting/storing all toys where it is easier to get them. 9 and 10 will play for hours with the duplos, trains, waffle blocks, etc, but only if they can find them. Otherwise they find stuff to get into and mess up.

  6. AnonymousMay 28, 2013

    Sounds like TOO MUCH FUN!
    Glad the birthday girl was adequately spoiled.
    I'm the same as you--I require some rest in between all the crazy late night action.
    A 30 mile bike ride! Wow! I admire that ambition.

  7. We actually went out to a bar on Saturday to hear our elder son's band. They were great. But by the time they were through it was after we skipped the headliner and went home. Old farts, that's us.

    It sounds to me like your daughter spread out her birthday joy amongst the whole family. Oh, to have an eight year old again.

  8. I pretty much always need a weekend to recover from my weekend. I never get one though. So it's a five day regrouping to get myself ready for two days of flurry and fun.

  9. I love the tin man, always my favourite in the movie!

  10. Because of the ad placement for "I'm Having Their Baby," when I click on your too-funny, make-me-spew-my-coffee blog, I think you are bearing a child for another family, which really made me splatter the screen. Then I realize it's an ad.

    1. It confuses me, too. Would have helped if they had used a more advertising-type font, you know? Rest assured, I am way too self-centered to do any such thing.

  11. Great, now *I* am verklempt.

    And really, how can she possibly 8 years old? She's just a baby!
    (For the record, so is my 13yo.)