Monday, May 06, 2013

Ready To Go!

So long, folks!  We head out tomorrow morning to see Theo graduate from college.  I'm not exactly looking forward to 8 hours in the car tomorrow and 3 more the next day; but, considering the day I've had, at least I'll get to sit still and rest in the car.  Today was a tad hectic, in the way a hurricane is a tad wet.  Packing, laundry, cleaning, etc., have taken their toll on my sanity; and I'm not sure I will ever recover.

Mine didn't have flowers, though...
Yet, despite the busyness, I managed to squeeze in my very first professional pedicure today.  It was a bit of an uncomfortable experience for a person like myself, who needs her personal space; but I am thrilled with the results.  It looks way better than when I paint my nails myself, plus the manicurist (pedicurist?) got rid of all the callouses and other weirdnesses that tend to manifest themselves on a pair of almost 50-year-old feet. 

Guess I'll just admire my toes while I'm trapped in the car tomorrow...

[Pedicure image: Sacred Beauty]


  1. You and your pretty feet have a great trip. Congrats to Theo! I hope you have a wonderful time all together.

  2. Safe travels + congrats to Theo (+ to his mom + dad too).

  3. You deserve the pampering and the time to admire those pretty toes! Wishing you safe travels and a fabulous celebration. Congratulations to Theo and his parents!

  4. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    Oooh--way to pamper yourself! Safe travels to you!

  5. Congratulations on Theo's graduation AND for getting out of the house and getting there! You totally earned that pedicure!

  6. What a fun trip--and though I only indulge in quarterly pedicures, they are amazing for making you feel pretty.