Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not Snowing Yet

Snow is predicted, the gov't is closed, and - so help me - if this forecast is another bust, I am moving to Canada. At least there one can assume a snowy winter.

Take that, global warming.

Someone sent me an email last night reminding me that I had volunteered (apparently in a state of temporary insanity) to help copy edit the magazine put out by the largest homeschool support organization in our state. Was I bored? Did I not have enough knitting to do? Was I thinking to pad my resume for the paid editing job that I will never find?

So, due to my regrettable tendency to pile on, I will have plenty to do today while waiting for snow that may or may not fall.  What with the editing and the knitting and the ritualistic consumption of snow-day hot cocoa and slabs of crisp no-knead bread slathered with butter and homemade jam, I won't even have time to shovel, should the need miraculously arise.

Besides, that's what able-bodied teen sons are for...


  1. It sounds like a pretty nice day...especially the other people shoveling bit! Enjoy!

  2. It is already snowing here, but we are only expecting 1 to 2 inches of it. Good luck with getting the teens to shovel, and the editing, and the heavy task of buttering slabs of bread (I'm drooling). The part with the teens shoveling seems like fantasy.

  3. I hope you get your snow -- and if it happens, I'll be envious! We've had a really dry winter here. (I'll be going to work for which I am barely paid.)

  4. Snowing like mad in north central NJ, yet there was not a flake in the air at 7:30 this morning. So I bet your wish (?) has already been granted. Alas, my teenage son is off to college, so I'm left with the 16yr old girl and the 12 yr old boy, who lack both enthusiasm and muscle. Oh, and the snowblower. Yay!

  5. Woot- all the snow went south of me! I'm happy to take a break from the shoveling, even if not from the cold- it was 6°F this AM, with a brisk breeze.

    1. I think we reached a high of 13 today - it's like the tropics down here.