Sunday, January 26, 2014

Om Sweet Om

Still cold here. I guess that has something to do with its being January and all, right?

I made a real New Year's resolution this year for a change - I vowed to start attending yoga classes again.  I was driven to this by the fact that every time I walk or stand or sit or lie down, my hip seizes up and presses on my sciatica, which makes my leg go dead.  Then I start walking funny, which makes my back hurt.  Apparently 50 is the new 80 around here - I'm gimping around on a bad leg and groaning every time I have to get up or down from the couch.

Larry insists it's sexy.  He's nobody's fool.

This totally isn't me.
So I'm trying to go to yoga a few times a week, plus I am experimenting with some yoga videos I found on Amazon.  The problem with yoga videos is that everyone talks and acts like a sort of yoga robot on them.  The one I am currently using (from Yoga Journal) looks futuristic, in a 1960's Star Trek sort of way.  Humanoids in yoga pants, if you know what I mean.  Very flexible humanoids with perfect posture...

Also, I hate the way all the women in these videos have waists.  I miss mine terribly.  And everyone (in the videos AND in class) has such cute outfits - why can't I find me one of those?  Believe me, I've tried.  I walk into Target or Kohl's, determined to purchase a colorful form-fitting, sweat-wicking spandex something-or-other, and I walk out with yet another pair of black leggings to wear with some lousy-fitting t-shirts I have at home.  Every single time.  WHERE DOES EVERYONE GET THEIR CUTE EXERCISE CLOTHES?

And who knew yoga could be so stressful?

[Yoga Journal image: Yoga Anatomy]


  1. I don't know where you get the cute workout clothes. I go the Y and nobody has cute clothes there. I blend in well.

    I can appreciate the limping. Meantime, I see or meet these dedicated Yoga doers. They are slim and agile and happy. Would love to be there with them, but not certain my body can take me there. Yoga is very hard. Hope you are braver than me.

  2. The limping I understand. My husband has a yoga instructor, some Irish gal he found on the internet. I delete all of the e-mail messages that youtube sends me whenever she posts a new video, because I can't even sit like she sits. Luckily, it is ski season and he has been busy watching professionals wax skis the way he used to watch yoga videos.
    I have one yoga video that my mother had in her house. I doubt she ever did it, but I try to do much of it. Gaiam produced it. Gentle yoga, and I can almost play along.

  3. I wish you luck! Only yoga I ever did was at the beginning of jujutsu class years ago, and I didn't mind doing it with the group, but I don't think I'd have the patience to do it on my own.

  4. So true, so true... So I do my yoga at home, in my jammies. Now if I can just get the cat to leave me alone...

  5. I've seen those cute clothes in store windows. They cost more than any clothes have a right to cost, especially when there's Spandex involved. I want to take yoga… or better yet, belly dancing classes.

  6. I wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to yoga but the cute dressed gals swear by Athleta. But shed yoga's a real mix of farm-mom-chic and yoga magazine chic.

  7. I live in the land of gorgeous bodies (Miami) and all of the moms run around in their exercise clothes all day. They get it mostly at Lululemon and athleta.

  8. Lululemon used to be my go to, hang the price, they fit, kind of place. Since their semi-disastrous mistake of trying to cheap out on the fabric and then blame it on the customer, I haven't been there since. I used to rely on Marshalls or TJ Maxx, but now I have a fear that LuLulemon dumped all their stock there! I wish I knew where to tell you. I do like some of the clothes from Title Nine, but it's just as pricey and you can't try them on.

    My back/sciatica pain is greatly diminished from a combination of yoga and massage therapy. The massage therapy has done wonders for the pain. Can you sell Larry on this? ;-) If nothing else, you get to relax for awhile.

  9. Kohl's has cute workout clothes. Get the ones that are seamed down the sides to flatter the waist. Also--get a weighted hula hoop for your waist. Doesn't help much with your **s, but at least you're curvy :) Yoga is great--I would love to get back to Pilates. Soon, I hope.

  10. I love Athleta. There's a store in Providence, so I went in person and tried things on to figure out my sizes, and then I stalked their sale section online. The Gap has a Body section with exercise clothes, and since they're under the same umbrella as Athleta, you might find some similar stuff there for less money. Also, The Clymb ( has really good sales, but they will inundate you with emails.

  11. I don't like Lululemon, but I got a catalog recently that had really cute workout clothes, only a single tank top was $60! Forget it. I usually buy mine at the Gap.



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