Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The XY Chromosome Strikes Again

Well! I just read about a groundbreaking study conducted in Norway that tells us the following heretofore unknown fact:


Married?  Moi?
Forgetfulness is more common in men than in women

Could have knocked me over with feather!  Apparently, according to researchers, men tend to forget dates and names more frequently than do women.  They said, and I quote, "...The results of this study were unambiguous."  I guess they had to spend lots and lots of money finding that out, because for sure no one knew that before.

I mean, aside from every married woman ever...

[This post is for Larry, who only pretends he remembered our anniversary earlier this month. Thanks for the card and the flowers, but sorry, honey, I know the truth.  That stool pigeon of a teen of ours let you in on the secret right before the stores closed.]

[Forgetful man image: Science in our World]


  1. Just checking to see whether these are broken or not! Gosh, it's quiet today.

  2. DUH. We cannot afford to forget anything--we haven't got wives to help remind us!

  3. I had our wedding date engraved on the inside of our rings. Which is a good thing, because *I* wouldn't remember it otherwise. (I must admit that I'm not very good at dates and names myself. I have to write everything down...).

  4. Heh, one of the reasons why we chose to marry in 1990, hoping that remembering the actual years we've been married would be easier, but we were dumb and young enough NOT to worry about forgetting the actual date ;)

  5. My husband is an exception to this rule. He remembers dates of everything. Now going out to buy something nice in advance seems to be a problem.