Wednesday, October 01, 2014

This, That, And The Other Thing

It's HEEEEEERE! Welcome to America, Ebola - and tell me, WHY are we letting people fly out of the infected countries at this point?  Doesn't 50% survival rate scare anyone but me?

On the other hand, if I get Ebola and die, I won't have to finish trying to put the girls' room back together.  So, there's that.  For some reason, after we put all the stuff they actually use back into their room (beds, dressers, clothes in the closets, a few toys), there is still stuff of theirs strewn all over the other bedrooms.  It defies the laws of physics, I tell you.

And, since this is normally the week when I would consider getting everyone the flu shot, we are all sick with one thing and another (but not Ebola - not yet).  The boys gifted me a lovely stomach virus, plus we have all been passing around some sort of sore throat/head cold thing.  I also have this weird thing going on with one of my eyes that feels like a low-grade infection of sorts, which I would normally hurry to the doctor for, as I do appreciate the gift of sight and have no desire to lose it.  But I've been too sick to go, if that makes any sense, and have been ineffectively dosing myself instead with one of the kids' leftover pinkeye drops.  So, in addition to feeling lousy, I look pretty awful, too.
Whatever happened to house calls, anyway?

Other than that, though, it is gorgeously fall around here.  The only problem with fall nowadays (meaning, now that climate change has really taken hold and our frost date is a full 2 weeks later than it used to be) is that we still have mosquitoes around to torment us during our crisp autumn weather.  Lest you think that I am just a whiner and our mosquito problem (all day long, people) is not that bad, I heard from one of the new-ish residents in our neighborhood, a doctor who works with the US Health Services and who collaborates with the CDC. He wanted to discuss with me the possibility of pesticide spraying in our neighborhood, because, in his words, "I've been to Africa on medical missions and these mosquitoes are worse."

Sometimes a little validation is all I need to make it through my day, you know?


  1. I forget where it is you live, but I can attest to the fact that the mosquitoes in the Washington, D.C. area are worse than in Pakistan, or probably than any place else I have been.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I swear you could say that in almost every possible situation: It's worse in Africa.

  3. The mosquitoes weren't as bad for us this year for some reason, but for me they will always be worse in India. I got mosquito bites on my lip and eyelid my last night in Mumbai and GHHAAhhhhBELAH is that annoying.

  4. I think to better vigilant against dengue mosquito bites.

  5. I hope you're all feeling better soon. I may or may not keep things like leftover eye drops and such like in case I need them. My kids? I take them to the doctor.

  6. Mosquitoes were hardly a probably here this summer (you know, out here in the OTHER Washington) but I sat outdoors for several hours yesterday evening and now I have a mosquito bite. At least it isn't Ebola.