Sunday, December 14, 2014

Anyone Have A Spare Quill Pen?

Remember this post here?  You know, the one I wrote last Monday, telling you all about my having left my IPad at the art teacher's house and I didn't know how I would even manage until I could retrieve it on Wednesday?

I never picked it up.

Me, without an IPad
That's right, folks - it's been 6 DAYS without it. I've read 2 books, 1/2 a New Yorker, and done a lot of knitting.  There was even some jigsaw puzzling going on. And, I will have you know, I am not the only one surprised by my resilience in the face of hardship. In fact, after dinner tonight, Larry (clutching his trusty IPod Touch) looked at me on the couch, where I was reading Ann Patchett's latest compendium of non-fiction essays (excellent - I highly recommend it) and said, "I didn't think you could do it."

"Yes," I said.  "I did.  It's one week tomorrow."

"I really didn't think you could do it," he repeated, staring at me as if I were wearing a prairie dress and bonnet and churning butter right there in our living room.

"Well," I said, "I guess SOME of us aren't addicted to our electronics." Hey, I earned a little gloating, all right?

Unfortunately, this makes tomorrow my moment (or day, really) of truth: the girls have art class on Mondays, so I will once again be in possession of my beloved IPad. Much as I LOVE playing Words With Friends and trading quips on Twitter, I have to admit that I have felt more grounded and sane not having my nose in the Internet all the time.  So, short of moving to the moon, what am I supposed to do about this pesky conundrum?

In other words, I desperately need to hear what has worked for you in your own quest to limit personal electronic usage.  Considering that you are AT THIS VERY MOMENT wasting your time reading this blog on the Internet, this may turn out to be a matter of the blind leading the blind, right?  But let's give it a try, anyway - especially since I can't seem to remember whom we asked for advice before the advent of the worldwide web.

[Butter churn image: History for Children]


  1. It's a hard one. I have no answers.

    I've tried to keep our electronics large(-er/-ish)---nothing smaller than a laptop---so we can't cart them around as easily. But...LAPtop. So yeah. I've also considered switching everything back to a desktop, but that involves a DESK. I'm not exactly full of good ideas.

  2. I don't know what the battery life is on an iPad, but you could limit the number of times you charge it. Maybe once each week? When the charge dies, iPad time is over.
    It's very easy for someone (me) who uses a plugged-in desk top to say...

    1. I'm going with this idea. At least it makes me parcel out my time better!

  3. Reading your blog is never wasted time. I solve some of the internet addiction problem by not having a smart phone or tablet. It does help if I put the laptop somewhere that isn't my favorite spot on the sofa. Out of sight, out of mind?
    Sorry, this is also something I struggle with and I don't really have answers.

  4. Hmm. I've spent a lot more time online since I got a tablet (okay, and started playing Words with Friends) but in general I have too many other higher priority activities to feel like I need to reduce my internet time. There's the obvious stuff, don't start looking at it until after you've done things you need to have done (like thumbs ;) or set a timer.

    1. I know - I thought I had the discipline to do that, but it started sneaking up on me anyway!

  5. I really got nothing here. I lay in bed and play on Pinterest on my tablet, and check Facebook and Instagram from my phone. I need to pick up my kindle and read something, for crying out loud.