Sunday, December 28, 2014

Water, Water Everywhere

You know what's fun? When one of your kids walks up to you at 10 PM and says, "There's water dripping from the fan in the bathroom ceiling."

That would be the ceiling directly under the attic, folks.  I could actually feel Larry's blood pressure shoot up when he heard this.  Especially when I said, "Oh, yes - I kept meaning to ask you about that weird spot near the fan where it looks as though the ceiling is bulging."  He loved that.

We decided to wait until morning to investigate, as we'd need daylight shining through to show us where the roof leak was.  I couldn't sleep, thinking about how much a new roof might cost, so I finished Bel Canto.  I'm very proud of myself for reading a work of fiction, finally.   I might even try another one.  Or maybe not.  We don't want to get too carried away around here.

Remember my week without an IPad? Once I got it back, I (somewhat grudgingly) adopted Christine's suggestion - I now charge up this particularly addictive electronic device only once a week.  When it runs out of battery, that's it - until the next Sunday, anyway.  This approach has definitely helped to limit the time I waste playing Words With Friends and scrolling through Twitter, but I was probably still better off (healthy-living-wise) the week I was without the IPad altogether.

I can't give it up though, I just can't.  My preciousss...

[Gollum image: Wikia]


  1. Not a roof leak! Hope it's not as bad as it sounds.

  2. Oooh, good luck with that roof. Hopefully it just needs a patch. (Is there such a thing as a roof patch?)

    1. Yes, we're hoping it is just the seal around the vent pipe that sticks out of the roof.

  3. Okay, Have no idea if previous comment will appear...but we had the same thing happen this year. The wind had blown some shingles off around a vent pipe, so insurance covered the damage. Hope it's an easy fix.

  4. Yikes! We have a standing seam metal roof which my In laws helped us get repaired 18+ years ago. It hasn't leaked since then. It has been painted twice, needs to be repainted every 8 to 10 years. The painter caulked everything when the house was repainted 3 years ago. Nothing leaks now. The house still looks great on the outside. :)

  5. Nooooooo!!!

    I should be sewing on some fleece blankets right now, but the laptop is very warm in (ahem) my lap on this cold winter day. Sewing would mean turning on the light, cleaning off the table,vacuuming the carpet, getting out the sewing machine, and shooing everyone out of the room. It's sort of a "Give a Mouse a Cookie" scenario.
    Good for you, only charging up the iPad once a week!

  6. Ack! I hope it turns out to be an easy thing to fix and that you don't need a new roof.

  7. Ug ughhhh roof problems are the WORST. Or at least, the most annoying. I hope it's a super easy/cheap fix. Also, we should play Words With Friends!

  8. I really hope this is an easy leak to fix. My MIL had a similar issue once and it was no biggie.
    Your battery plan sounds like a BRILLIANT way to self-regulate. I may adopt a similar approach to my own vices...

  9. You are a brave woman. I don't see it happening for me, but I do a lot of what I consider to be important work on FB and Twitter. I definitely plan to do more other things though. Taking up knitting!