Thursday, February 05, 2015

Decorating Help Needed

Our handyman just left, but only after telling me to sand the stair railings in preparation for painting them.  Tell me, do I look like I know how to do that?

Our home looks marvelous (or, rather, it will look marvelous once we put the furniture back in the dining room and Larry lets me buy the IKEA leather sectional I've been eyeing).  If we were smart, we would sell this house NOW, before we manage to destroy it again.  But we won't do that, because selling our home would mean having to clean out our mess of a utility room, a task far beyond any human being's capabilities at this point.

And considering that buying new slipcovers for our Ektorp sofa and armchairs would cost all of about $160, I'm betting that Larry isn't going to agree to splurge on a new sectional sofa that costs $1500.  I can't think of ANYTHING we've spent that much money on in this house.

No, not even my yarn collection...

The trouble is, IKEA discontinued the Tullinge Lilac  Ektorp slipcover, the color I have essentially been lusting after for the past 2 years. Of course, these discontinued covers are being sold all over eBay and other sites, for exorbitant amounts of money; but even I, Ektorp-lover that I am, am unwilling to pay those sort of prices.

The one that got away...

So all that IKEA sells now are ugly colors - that is, aside from its Idemo Red, which will not go that well with Lenox Tan walls.  Or maybe it will?

Tell me, what do you think?  Does this...

Lenox Tan, Benjamin Moore

....go with this?
Idemo Red - a sad substitute for Tullinge Lilac, but life isn't fair.

Does that look right together, or am I just feeling desperate?  Buying new slipcovers would be a good temporary solution, while Larry and I scratch our heads over paying $1500 for a piece of furniture.  Is that a normal price to pay for a leather corner sofa?  I have no idea, over here in Ektorp land...

[Tullinge Lilac Slipcover image: PicClick]


  1. The walls are perfect. The sofa color…choose something else. (*cough* Der Weinerschnitzel) Too bad about the purple, it was SWEET! Could you dye it purple? What's it made out of?

  2. I think the red and tan would look nice together. But what do I know?

  3. Yes, they would absolutely go together......think Target employee....classic. ;)

  4. That red is going to be the main eye-draw. Do you want to focus on the couch? I think whether it works or not depends on what else will be going decor wise. Mho.

  5. I love it! We have a giant red couch in our family room and have built the color scheme around that - which includes tan walls very similar to yours! Accessories are easy to find in black, white, tan and red - think Tuscan.

  6. I am in no position to advise on decorating colors. I defer to anyone and everyone else. But I do love the color and cleanliness of that wall. Nice job!

  7. I think red and tan go nicely together! It's a bold statement but fun.

  8. I think it would work, depending on accessories, art & rug. But truly, truly for decorating advice you might want to submit the question on Those people LOVE to give decorating advice.

  9. Oh, I like the first sofa. I'd be crushed, too. But the wall sure looks nice!

  10. I think the red goes with your walls. It should make you happy. Every time I've made a decision based on practicality or convenience instead of what really made me happy, I've been vaguely and sometimes even REALLY disappointed. Make yourself happy.

  11. YES! Red would add a great touch of colour and really pop against the neutral walls. Seriously. Would look great.