Monday, November 09, 2015

Totally Out Of Post Titles, Sorry

See? Over to the side there? The "About Me" section? The last age just turned over for the year - Theo, our first-born, is now 24.  Theo's birthday is a special one, because he is the one who made me a mom.  So there you are - I've been doing this mom thing for 24 years now.

Don't you like how I made Theo's birthday all about me? I'm sure he appreciates that.

The family guinea pig, 24 years ago
But seriously, I look back and think, that poor kid. Essentially, the hospital let 2 only nominally adult people - people who did not know how to change a diaper and couldn't even keep a houseplant alive - take home a 2-day-old baby. How insane is that? An innocent newborn, totally at the mercy of our ineptitude. It's a miracle he ever made it to adulthood.

So, thanks, Theo, for letting us learn the ropes with you. I'm sure your siblings thank you, also.

That flu thing I had on Friday went away and was replaced with a horrid sore throat that gets worse at night and keeps me from sleeping. I guess if I were a kid, this would have been croup.  I drop off to sleep and then jerk awake feeling as though I am going to choke if I don't cough.

Oh, hey, maybe it's diptheria! Should I Google that?

So this went on for 2 nights and I actually felt a little better this morning and thought, gee, all I need is a little rest and I can kick this thing. Which was a nice little fantasy, considering that I had to host Bunko tonight and the entire house looked like hell because Rachel and I had been sick since Friday. Not only did I have to do the normal party-prep clean up, I also had to strip all the germ-ridden slipcovers from the couch and 2 armchairs and wash them, so I wouldn't worry about infecting the rest of the neighborhood. And then there were the cranberry mini-muffins to bake and the birthday package to send and the trip to Costco to stagger through.

So, yeah, by the time everyone showed up at 7, I felt as though I were dying. The sore throat was coming back, I couldn't eat anything because my stomach was feeling weird, and I kept coughing. I'm sure everyone was thrilled to see me.

The furniture looked great, though. Very germ-free. And tomorrow I will wake up to a clean house with tons of Bunko leftovers for the kids to eat. I mean, unless I drop dead from diptheria overnight.  That's always a possibility.


  1. Sorry about your sore throat. It sounds painful. I've been sipping hot tea for mine for the past week and stayed in pajamas nearly all day today.
    I'm hosting book group in a few weeks. I'm not looking forward to the cleaning spree that needs to happen.

    1. Yeah, good luck with that cleaning spree. It should get easier each time, but it just gets harder and harder. And, oh man, I need a pajama day.

  2. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THEO! (And his mama, because his birth made you a mother, so really it is all about you.)

  3. We have actually told our older daughter that she was the guinea pig when she complained: Why do you let HER do that when you wouldn't let ME do that when I was her age?
    I hope you feel better soon, but wow! You are a champ with everything you accomplished in spite of disease!

  4. That miserable sore throat thing has gone through our house. Hope it feels better soon. But bravo for getting all that done while you were sick!
    Happy birth-day to you! Sure, we celebrate the child who was born, but seriously, it was a huge day for the mom who pushed him out, too. The child doesn't remember a darn thing about that day!

  5. Happy birthday to your guinea pig! I've got one of those too we just neglected to go on and try out our new found parenting skills on any subsequent children.

  6. oh, I've had that sore throat in the past. I'm sorry. Give it a week.

    We took our firstborn home 12 hours after birth. Can you believe it? Happy birth day to you both!

  7. Congratulations on a quarter century (almost--can we count in-utero?) of motherhood! Well done!
    Hope you are mended by now.

  8. Is this an identifiable picture in violation of the ground-rules of the blog? I'm going to run age progression software and get back to you with the results.

    1. Make sure to replace the baby bunting with an Army uniform when you do that!