Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No Monkeying Around

I was halfway through my day today before I remembered that we have a Valentines Day tradition of making Rice Krispy marshmallow treats with cinnamon red-hots. So Susie and I made an emergency Rice Krispy run to the grocery store and then came home and made these:

Note the heart-shaped one at the top. WE ARE ARTISTS.

Those are flowers to the left, there, not rhubarb.
While in the store, we took time to laugh at all the desperate-looking gentlemen in the flower section. Larry said he saw a lot of the same when he swung into Trader Joe's after work. I felt constrained to point out that he was one of them.

But I won't complain about that, because he brought me excellent chocolate and a bouquet of pretty flowers (the stems of which are pictured here, because I am apparently not enough of an artist to take a decent picture of a bunch of flowers AND I am too lazy to get up and take a better photo).

After the gift-giving (I bought Larry a chocolate eclair drizzled with some pink icing, because that's the sort of really personal gift you get someone you've known for almost 27 years), I drove Rachel to Civil Air Patrol and hung out with a fellow knitter at Starbucks during her meeting. When I got home, Larry and I discussed flooring options for the basement.

That's sort of what passes for romance after 26 years of marriage, I guess. FLOORING OPTIONS. Hey, at least I didn't get a bunch of bananas and a monkey card this year...


  1. "That's the the sort of really personal gift" etc made me laugh out loud.

  2. We don't do anything. I just don't have that gene. We do laugh at our lack of expertise for holidays and at this point don't see the point. We're closing in on 45 years soon, it's been a bundle of fun, through think and thin. I say, flooring is as important as chocolate.

  3. My husband and I went clothes shopping...for him. I spent much of the evening sitting on the gross carpeting by a mirror and whimpering.

  4. I figured after 26 years of marriage we didn't do valentine's anymore - and then he came home w/a sweet card and a box of goodies. And he got...nothing! Oops!

    I never read the banana story before - hilarious!

  5. My husband brought a potted plant -- stargazer lilies -- into work for me on Tuesday. He brought it there so he'd look good in the eyes of others. I can't complain (although the smell was overpowering by Thursday) because I got him a big fat NOTHING. Or maybe I got him lilies to plant when we finally can see the garden again? Going on 29 years of marriage here...

  6. I just read the bananas story for the first time. Um... thoughtful?
    (But don't mind me, I'm the one who has to buy her own chocolate when he's not looking.)