Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Bread And Breakfast

I cleaned out the bread cabinet yesterday and discovered that my children must have adopted a new religion, one that honors empty bread bags and forbids disposal of same:

Again, marvel at my photography skills

Granted, as a kid these were useful (hey, Congresswoman Joni Ernst wasn't the only one who used bread bags inside of shoes or galoshes - it was actually a pretty common thing in the 60s); but for some reason they are able to make boots and shoes more waterproof now, and the lowly breadbag has lost its secondary purpose in life. I tossed all these, but not without a twinge of nostalgia for simpler times, when an empty bread bag MEANT something.

Oh, wait, Congresswoman Ernst wore the bread bags OUTSIDE her shoes. So there's your difference between New Jersey and Iowa - I guess we East Coasters were more fashion conscious.

Miracle omelette (bagel still in toaster)

In other news, I made both Susie and Brian (AND myself) a healthy hot breakfast today. My children, accustomed as they are to single-serving yogurt, cold cereal, and cold (but homemade!) granola for their morning sustenance, ate in a stunned silence. If there had been thought bubbles above their heads, I imagine they would have read, "Is she leaving us?"

Seriously, I don't know what came over me.

And that's all, folks! Oh, but upnitestx, you still have to send me your address - or resend to vogelkaren@gmail.com, if I missed it.



  1. My children have the same religion but it is the variant in which they also never CLOSE UP the bread bag, thus allowing the bread nearest the bag opening to go stale, hard, and rock-like.

    I think if you do stuff like make homemade granola, you are excused from having to make a hot breakfast. Those childrens should be bowing down to you for that hot breakfast!

  2. My kids are careful to leave the bread heel in the bags. I find myself the designated heel eater. I get a little tired of heels.

  3. We have the same problem here. And as far as breakfast goes, I made my kids pancakes and bacon this morning - and it wasn't a weekend! They were stumbling down the stairs to see if they smelled correctly. What can I say, I was in Arizona for a few days with Coach and I came back refreshed. (I also might have pneumonia and couldn't sleep or workout, so what the heck?!)

  4. I remember wearing bread bags, too.
    Look at you, spoiling those kids with the homemade meals and all...

  5. You glorious bunch of Momness, how amazing are you. I've been away for a little while . . . so glad you're still here and being exactly YOU.

  6. Bread bags: good for keeping feet dry in those galoshes AND for picking up dog poop on walks. Unfortunately, I still find the empty bags on my kitchen counter on a regular basis.