Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spousal Deafness

The contractor finished the guest bathroom in the basement and it is truly gorgeous. I swear, the first kid that dares to use it will be disowned.

So let's just ignore the rest of the basement, which is in a thousand pieces and will never, ever become the comfortable, clutter-free family room of my dreams. IGNORE IT. Because this is the weekend Larry takes everything out of the laundry room and dumps it in the family room. One would think that perhaps this would be the perfect time to take all that crap and load it in a truck and drive it off a cliff somewhere, but no - Larry persists in the illusion that he will actually use that stuff someday.

"Listen," I told him today. "Once this basement is done, there is nothing left to do to the house. Have you realized that? You've done it all! So we don't need to keep all those tools and building supplies in the laundry room anymore."

He didn't answer me. I think that man should work on his communication skills.

In other news, remember these?

We made an entire extra batch to mail off to the kids who are away at college, but that never happened. Because I ate them. ALL of them. They were delicious.

Sorry, kids!


  1. Gorgeous bathroom AND rice krispies treats! If it were me I would have eaten them all as a way to express my relief that the bathroom is done and my anxiety about the rest of the basement.

  2. I'm helpless against krispie treats. Which is why I never make them.

    1. You are obviously wiser than I am. Every year, I forget...

  3. I would have eaten them all, too.

    Bathroom looks beautiful! But you will never pry the tools away from your husband. If you are a tool person, you need to have tools. He might buy more tools. I am always tempted by yet more tools and have to remind myself I already have enough. (And then I still sometimes get another.)

  4. Is it wrong that 1) I'm really envying your "new" bathrooms, and 2) I'm worried about what Larry will tear apart next.
    It's one thing to have the necessary tools, but project supplies are another remodeling project just screaming for attention. You deserve those rice krispy treats.

  5. The RK treats were for your continuing pain and suffering. Of course, yarn is calorie-free...just offering an alternate method of pain I helping?