Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Off Color

You know, I thought it would be easy to select a paint for the basement bathroom, because I just needed a color that was white. Not stark white, but almost white. See? I knew what color I wanted. And then I went to the paint store and saw this:

There's 140 choices there, people.  140.

Yeah, pretty overwhelming. I'm proud to say that, even in the face of overwhelming odds, it only took me 4 tries to find the right shade (and I didn't even need the handyman's help this time). The color is called mayonnaise (Benjamin Moore), in case you want to know. And here's the result:

The paint's subtle undertones pick up the brown in the tiles and provide a nice segue to the marbled vanity top. Or so I've heard.

Now I get to move on to selecting paint colors for the entire walk-out basement, laundry room, and guest room. I'll tell you one thing - there will be absolutely no off-white involved.


  1. Selecting paint colors is the worst! Too much pressure because until you've painted the entire space you don't really know how it's truly going to look. And to make it worse, I've had colors that I absolutely love in the evening but look horrible in the day light! Mayonnaise looks perfect in your bathroom.

  2. But, will there be marital negociation involved?

  3. It's perfect! But really? Who would name a paint color Mayonnaise?!

  4. That paint color does look lovely. But I abhor mayonnaise. Why would anyone name a paint color after White Death?

    To this day my husband thinks my son's room is painted blue. It isn't. It's off white.

  5. I've been known to choose colors based upon the name, but I don't think "Mayonnaise" would be a good sell to me. On the other hand, after weeks of a stripped bathroom, I finally gave in and chose a khaki instead of green. My husband wore me down until I no longer cared enough to stand my ground.

  6. The color is called Mayonnaise because it will "bring out the best" in the rest of the room.