Tuesday, May 01, 2018


I bought baking soda at Aldi's yesterday. (OMG, am I mentioning Aldi's again? What has my life turned into?) The box was not - repeat, NOT - easy to open.

I won, but it was a struggle.

Which experience left me with "My heart bleeds for the Snicker Snack company" running through my head the rest of the day. Anyone else even know what I'm talking about here?

I didn't think so.

I also learned yesterday that the editing job I was hoping to get is not, after all this time, going to be mine. This information has precipitated a mid-life (well, slightly past mid-life, really, because there's no way I'm going to make it to 110 years old) crisis of tsunami proportions. Seriously, I realized I will probably never get a job in my field again. Maybe not any sort of a real job ever - real, as in I'd have an office to go to and colleagues and, uh, whatever else you get with a real job. Oh, yes, a paycheck! That would have been nice, too.

Right after I found this out, I had to take Rachel to ChikFilA to follow through on her own job application, but they told her that they only needed people who could work between the hours of 5 AM and 4 PM. While she stood there disappointed, I briefly thought, "I could do that! I like waffle fries!"

But I don't want to. Especially after hearing the shift supervisor call the woman cashier "Sweetie." We almost had an incident there, is what I'm saying...

So I've enrolled in a summer-semester accounting course at the local community college, thinking maybe some desperate CPA might at least hire me for the busy season of January through April. Who knows? At least it will feel as though I'm doing something. My brain can't live on Internet fodder alone, you know. I can almost feel it atrophying away as I scroll through Facebook and Twitter each evening. And morning. And, okay, mid-afternoon, too.

Yeah, I have an Internet problem here. I admit it. That's the first step, right?


  1. I love accounting! If I hadn't done the teaching thing, I might have definitely chosen that as a career path. To relax, I mentally add numbers together in my head, move decimal points to figure out percents, and still can hear the "ching" sound my dad's old adding machine used to make.

    There is a career out there for you, I promise!

  2. Ok you're freaking me out. You think age-ism is a factor at 55? That is really scary. Too close for comfort.

  3. I'm in the same boat. I feel like I want (and need now that the kids are getting close to college) a job. But there is no way I want to do what I did before and even if I did, there is no way anyone would hire me.

    I've seriously considered working at Target. However, it looks to me, based on my weekly research, that they only hire the very young and very tattooed or the very old and seemingly senile. Since I'm neither one of those (yet, I'm fast approaching old and senile) I'm at a loss. I hope the accounting course works out for you. Seems like you could definitely find something in that field!

  4. Good luck with the Accounting - although, I must say that would be my biggest nightmare EVER. As it is, I'm in charge of our billing system (all I really do is send the invoices to Accounting for payment) and I've already screwed that up so much I'm surprised they haven't taken it away from me and locked me in a closet somewhere.

    And yes, those damn baking soda boxes (any and all brands) are locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I also resort to attacking them with a knife.

  5. The whole job thing is scary. I kind of fell into mine and while I consider not staying some days, I fear I'd miss it and never be able to get another. My 18yo has been applying to a many places and *might* finally have something. Or two somethings. Because apparently one job isn't enough.

  6. It's the sad truth that when my son was an engineering intern, he made more that summer than I did the ENTIRE YEAR writing articles. And now he's a bona fide engineer so what I make is not even worth talking about. It's a good thing I don't measure my self worth based on a pay check because let me tell you ... well, you get the picture.

    1. Tell me about it! My engineering son (WHO IS STILL IN COLLEGE) is currently rolling in dough, due to a lucrative spring/summer internship. In the meantime, his super-smart liberal-arts-graduate sister is lucky to find an internship that pays a stipend, let alone a real job.

  7. Clearly, our sons picked the right profession ;-)