Thursday, April 03, 2008

All Politics is Loco

One reader yesterday brought me to task over my assertion that waterboarding is indeed torture, pointing out that sometimes torture is sometimes necessary to elicit vital information from detainees. Actually, I wasn't arguing for or against the use of torture (although I respectfully disagree with his thesis, as do professional FBI interrogators). It's just that if you are going to torture someone, don't start splitting legal hairs and saying it isn't technically torture. They remind me of Anna arguing that she didn't really push her younger sibling, she was just moving him forcibly out of her way. Hello? Let's have a little personal responsibility here.

And, yes, I do think the current administration is a little short on that.

Don't think you have me pegged, politically speaking, simply because I dislike the Bush administration. I'm one of the vast number of swing voters that all the candidates are desperately courting these days. In fact, I still have no idea which candidate I am voting for this November. Every day I change my mind. If you're waiting in line for the voting booth, and you see the person ahead of you frantically flipping a coin? That'll be me, I'm afraid...

But I do think we've got a bunch of good choices, for once. And that makes me happy. If this campaign isn't making you happy, it's because you haven't listened to its front-runners take on the challenge of making an omelette, brought to you courtesy of Garrison Keillor and his gang. (Look for "Segment 5" and then "the omelette script")

It also makes me happy that so many other people in the blogosphere are library deadbeats. I think Jenn won the prize yesterday by admitting to "...the time I had $300.00 in fines and kept hiding the notices from my mom until the Marshal showed up at the door with an arrest warrant." There were a lot of good contenders, though; so I would like to thank all of you for playing "Why My Librarian Hates Me." You're great! What do we have for the winners, Johnny?

Excuse me, I'm just giddy because I am being allowed out this evening to attend Knit Night. And I don't even have to wear the ankle monitor this time. I've come a long way, baby...


  1. knit night? that sounds wonderful. and yes, all politics is loco!

  2. Out? By yourself? Sounds like heaven!!

  3. I don't think I mentioned this yesterday, but there's a library in a small town in CT that I probably shouldn't return to without a couple of books. From,like, 15 years ago. I'm so ashamed. I keep thinking I should send them a big fat donation.

    That'll drive people crazy if you're standing in line flipping a coin. Make sure you do it right in front of a news camera.

  4. How did I miss the Library Deadbeats post?

    Oh, right. Because I'm locked in the dungeon packing all of my crap.

    ANYWAY. I'm a registered independent. I think I know who I'm voting for. It's nice to feel like there are valid options.

  5. Every once in a while my library does this thing where you can donate a canned good for every late fee you have (as in one canned good per book, not per dollar). I just wait until then and empty my cupboards. It's much cheaper that way.

    Yay for getting out of the house! How did you manage that one?

  6. I'm so honored, I think?

    She was one mad mama!

    Have fun at knit night. Waterboarding is definitely torture.

  7. Oooh - lucky! And I don't even knit!

  8. A civilized society does not resort to torture.

    I'm also an Independent, married to a Republican (a RI Republican, which is not at all like, say, a Texas Republican). Who I vote for depends upon whether the Clinton machine is successful in stealing the nomination via super delegates. If so, I'm not voting Democrat. Of course, I've written in a candidate in every election since 1996.

  9. The same reason I have netflix is the same reason I do not go to the is just cheaper to buy the book. LOL Glad you get to do knit night this week after last week and the cellulitis!

  10. Have a great time. Remember to 'forget' to take your phone or leave a contact number.

  11. Don't you love it when (Hillary!) commenters try to (Hillary!) tell you (Hillary!) what to do (Hillary!) and what to think?

  12. Go knit!
    And thank you, for your risky honesty on the politics. I feel ashamed when I tell people that I'm on the fence. I'm not fan of the current occupant, but all the more reason to take the next 4 years VERY seriously, right? Things must get done...

  13. Do they serve alcohol at knit night? I hope so.

  14. Hmmm...waterboarding, candidates, and library violations. Are you saying we should waterboard all the candidates to see if they have outstanding library dues? What a reality show. Do you work for the networks?

  15. Yeah for knit night!

    I think we're joining your Library Club. We returned books due today only to find out we were missing 4 of them. I renewed but that only buys me more time. I fear I may be buying books. Drat.

  16. Ok, I'll finally admit it...I still have the book "You will go to the Moon". Yes, it was due Mar 17th 1969. No, that's not a typo...Nineteen Sixty-Nine...

  17. What? Wow. "Torture is sometimes necessary."

    Um. Wow.


    All torture gets you is someone telling you something frantically, anything! until you stop. That's all.


    As for libraries, I stopped going for YEARS because of how bad I was at returning the book and was embarrassed by the fines. In my defense, I was a kid and it was something like 20+ NY blocks away from my house. I can't remember how big the fines got, though, but I'd have remembered $300!

  18. Thanks for the nod towards the Garrison Keillor piece. Brilliant. You know if Garrison was so darned ugly, I would have his babies. I love him that much.



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