Monday, October 20, 2008

This Is My Post, On Drugs...

To the person who landed here after Googling "water makes me vomit": you really need to fix that, but I am sure you did not find any answers here. And I fear that reading my graphic descriptions of various puking episodes didn't help matters one bit.

Yesterday? Well, Larry was away, I had a killer head cold that got me up at 5 AM, and the kids still seemed to need me all day long. Plus, it must have been early-onset dementia that prevented me from remembering just when I took my last Sudafed dose. So I kept taking it. I would have Googled "overdose effects of pseudoephedrine," but I didn't care. I mean, could I have possibly felt worse? I think not.

I've been trying to explain to Theo that, usually, elections aren't this interesting. And, usually, neither is the economy. We've become veritable news junkies around here, checking electoral maps and the Dow Jones and the latest SNL skit. I mean, there's always something happening. Is this weird, or what?

Speaking of news, I'd like to thank General Colin Powell for explicitly stating that being a Muslim does not make one a bad American. And someone please remind me - why isn't he running for President? What's he been doing for the past 3 years, anyway? I mean, I can't think of a lot of jobs that are appropriate for a former Secretary of State. Maybe he's just been hanging out at home and driving his wife up the wall. You know how those newly retired husbands can be.

I know, I know - y'all come here just to hear insightful political commentary like the above. What can I say? I have a knack for taking important issues and boiling them down to trivial details. It's a gift, really. And I'm only too willing to share it with you.

And now, I think it's time for more Sudafed. That's good stuff.

[Edited to add: Blogtations has used a quote from one of my posts today. I'm thinking this is an honor; I mean, so long as I'm not presented with any more kitschy trophies...]


  1. I watched this video at the kids' house last night. [You betcha!]

    Hope you get to feeling better today.

  2. Ya know, I haven't thought much about Colin Powell... what HAS he been doing?

    I really, really wonder what some people are thinking with their interesting google queries... someone googled, and then wound up on my site: "snot nosed booger face"... I think I was actually more unnerved that I've talked about snot and boogers on my blog enough that google would send such a query to me.

  3. I can never tell if it is Sarah or Tina, and I'm not even on Sudafed.

  4. This has been quite an interesting election, hasn't it? I've never given politics the time of day, other than to go vote. But boy - who can resist the newest news flash these days?

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon, and for goodness sake, woman, write it down when you medicate...we wouldn't want to lose you!
    Blessings, E

  6. I've never seen Blogtations before! Congrats to be in the same class as, "A person was not meant to look at her own ass. That's why it's in the back." !!

  7. Yes, Colin is an deep thinking, articulate man to admire.

    How can you tell what terms people are searching under? Interesting.

  8. I had to read your paragraph about Colin Powell to the hubby. I swear we say the same thing around here. And then we always agree, the RIGHT man for President is too smart to actually WANT the job.

  9. I can only assume Mr. Powell is retaining his humanity unlike those who've been wallowing in politics the last few years.

    I'm pretty sure that over-dosing on Sudafed is just a crappy high. Pounding heart, dizziness, nausea, etc. Oh and heart attack and death but you really need to overdo it for that one unless you are in a sensitive group (but then you'd be avoiding it already).
    Anyway, feel better soon.

  10. I hope you got the good Sudafed from the pharmacy and not the "now without actual Sudafed but we're still going to call it Sudafed to trick the meth-heads" stuff.

  11. I'm pretty sure Colin Powell's been recovering from his UN Security Council presentation of the evidence of WMD's in Iraq in '03, hands down the most humiliating mark on an otherwise impeccable career. Poor guy. He got screwed as the messenger on that one.

    I seem to recall that he threw his name in the hat for a presidential candidate in 2000 but pulled out after deciding that it would be a too hard on his wife and family. Now, that is a good man!

  12. memarie lane - of course, I've got the good stuff.

  13. Now Colin Powell has to explain to Sarah Palin that wanting to make America better doesn't make one anti-American. Though I suspect she'd just stick her fingers in her ears and sing "lalalalalala."

  14. Yah, how about that Colin Powell? It really is too bad he isn't running. More people ought to say what he's saying, too. As for the Sudafed, I don't know how many it takes to OD on it, but I know you don't want to combine it with Phenergan, unless you want to go on a really weird trip.

  15. I hope you're feeling much better and I can totally relate to the boiling down of someone's entire life to the fact that Powell should be running for President and for the simple reason that his wife just wants him out of the house. LOL



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