Wednesday, October 08, 2008

As The Food Turns

[If you don't understand why I am showing you pictures of moldy food, please read the post that explains it all. After you read it, you still might not understand why I'm doing this (my husband sure doesn't); but at least you can say you tried.]

It's time, folks, once again, for me to air my dirty leftovers in public. Let's just do a list this week, shall we?

  1. 4-qt pot containing less than a cup of baked beans. Please note large serving spoon sticking out of pot - heaven forbid someone should bother to wash it.
  2. almost empty bag of baby carrots shoved to the way back of the refrigerator - apparently, whoever was clearing the table one day decided to make sure that I wouldn't serve our vegetable of choice the next day at lunch
  3. unidentified food object wrapped in blue saran wrap - we'll have to send this one to the lab for identification
  4. hard-to-recognize dinner leftovers - it looks as though there are some bowtie noodles mixed in there, however
  5. green beans - circa the second Clinton administration, for all I know...
  6. diced tomatoes from a can - I must have needed just part of a can for some recipe and foolishly thought I should save the rest for future use. I'm a cockeyed optimist, that's what I am.
  7. leftover homemade pesto - I feel bad just looking at this, because David made it for us and it went to waste. Tell me, is there anything that won't make me feel mother guilt? Anything at all?
By the way, that blue saran wrap encasing various and sundry leftovers in my refrigerator each week has an interesting (well, interesting to me, anyway) history. We bought this particular item way back in May, when I was conscripted to bake loaves and loaves of banana bread for the workcamper's Mother's Day Bake Sale. My original plan was to package the loaves attractively in festive-looking saran wrap, forgetting that yellow (banana) and blue (plastic) make green (bread). The resultant moldy look somehow didn't scream "Buy me!" So we had to ditch that idea.

But we were left with a box of blue saran wrap that just won't quit. I've wrapped dozens of leftover egg sandwiches in it and I still have not reached the end of the roll. And every time I see it, I'm reminded of how much I do not want my teens to be involved in workcamp fundraising again this year.

And, hey, did anyone notice there were no leftover sandwiches this week? I chalk it up to Larry's being away again; I have been forced to restrict the children's calories for the sake of convenience.

And there should have been 2 bags of apple cores and peels in today's picture; but I lost my head this morning and threw them out prematurely. They were slated to be given to my livestock-burdened friend yesterday, but somehow that never happened. And is too late, I'm afraid; her pigs are being "hauled" (as she so euphemistically puts it) tomorrow. I must say, she doesn't seem too broken up by the prospect.


  1. I was so used to seeing a leftover egg sandwhich wrapped in blue plastic, that I was going to suggest that maybe that is what it was. Perhaps not. Although inspired, I have leftover egg salad in my fridge right now.

  2. I bet you could take that blue saran wrap and fashion it into some sort of nifty Halloween costume.
    Perhaps a half of an egg salad sandwich?

  3. I love #1 with my whole soul! A huge pot with the serving spoon still in it, all for less than a cup of beans. It's almost perfect. If only there was a layer of fuzzy mold covering the beans. Oh well, maybe next week.

    The idea of a Mother's Day bake sale still boggles my mind. The person who thought that gem up needs help...and protection from the angry mothers searching for him/her.

  4. I'm glad to know the archeology behind the blue saran wrap--and yes, you bring up an important domestic point; while yellow and blue making green can be a useful tool with some plastic products (as in knowing that a baggie is sealed) it can render the products of a baking spree with a less than desirable pallor. I learn something every time I tune in, SC, every time I tune in....

    I kinda miss the egg salad sandwich--the list doesn't seem quite complete this week....


  5. I miss the egg sandwhich too, but WHERE'S THE SALSA? Hello? FORTHELOVEOFTOMATOES there should be salsa on AS THE FOOD TURNS...

  6. NO egg sandwich? I feel betrayed.

  7. Mmmmm....bacon.

  8. I finally found why my pantry was smelling "funny"... a bag of mouldy onions, buried under cereal boxes. GROSS!!

  9. We found a jar of apple sauce today. From last Thanksgiving when Shortman had his wisdom teeth removed.

    There was more mold in that jar than applesauce.

  10. I am afraid to open my fridge tonight. Just simply afraid. It smells that badly....

  11. I need to assign someone to clean our fridge, as I haven't gotten to it in weeks. Things are usually finished during a meal. The few leftovers we have get eaten for after school snacks or taken for my or Hubby's lunch. But the shelves are very sticky...