Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just For Laughs...

Because I think we all need some, don't we? Check out the videos on this page - both Obama and McCain were highly amusing on Thursday evening in New York. Self-deprecating, even, which is a tad refreshing...

(And, yes, I am posting this at an ungodly hour - I've contracted the head cold from hell just in time for another of Larry's business trips. This week is going to be a treat, I'm sure.)


  1. It IS time to start making light, making up, making jokes. What else might one possibly say at this stage in the game?

  2. Politicians have amazing abilities to compartmentalize.

  3. I wish the debates were more like this. Way more enjoyable seeing their personalities.

  4. I hope your head cold doesn't give you too much trouble.

    Thanks for posting that link. I really liked both candidate's efforts. They were funny, self-deprecating, and poignant. It is good to see the hearts of both of those men in that light.

  5. I thought they were both hilarious. Seriously, why don't we have a "laugh off" instead of an election?

    Because then Howard Stern would be president?

    Okay, good answer.

  6. Thanks. I enjoyed both videos.

  7. They were hilarious. Finally, a sense of humor from both of them!



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