Friday, October 31, 2008

The Scariest One Of All

Whew! Caught up in the Halloween plus House Guest frenzy over here! I've been promising people pictures of the jack-o-lanterns, so I am taking time out of my busy Snickers-eating schedule to post a few photos. Above, you can see the spider and the bat. My photographic skills (or lack thereof, really) do not do justice to these pumpkins. They looked fantastic. Here's a close-up of the spider:

This one is supposed to be a kitty cat, but it sort of didn't work:

As I do not possess math skills advanced enough to enable me to buy the proper number of pumpkins for our family, Susie and Rachel had to share this one. Rachel carved the cat face on the front, and Susie selected a more typical jack-0-lantern visage for the back:

And the last one, alas, does not have a picture that would adequately represent its awesomeness. Theo found the pattern and carved it while I was out. He is also responsible for the carved commentary near the bottom (so don't yell at me, okay?). People were coming over just to see it (and take pictures), it was so awesome. This photo of it simply sucks:

It looks, in this photo, to be portraying some member of the Beat Generation; but I swear, in person, it was such a good representation of the current governor of Alaska that people walking by on the sidewalk would stop and exclaim, "Sarah!"

Do you see how in the photo the pumpkin appears to be levitating? That is totally creeping me out. Do you think it's a sign?

Oh - and we had 2 dalmatian puppies, one robot, and one lego piece trick-or-treating this year. In case you were wondering. The lego costume was easy (meaning, Larry took care of it), and so was the robot. But the dalmatian puppies? I struggled to create a costume for Rachel that would match her sister's pre-made one. You know, these things are way trickier than they look. At least, for craft-impaired people like me. In fact, the only reason Rachel had a tail at all is because Auntie Kate leapt into the breach this week, as it were, and saved my faltering efforts with her special creative powers. I owe her big.

And now, back to my previously scheduled Snickers...


  1. FANTASTIC pumpkins! Your kids did a great job! And yes, it does creep me out just a bit that the Palin pumpkin appears to be levitating. WHY is it doing that??

  2. That is FREAKY. It IS floating. And those pumpkins are AMAZING. And PERHAPS if I TRY I can PUT more CAPITALIZED words IN my COMMENT. I don't know. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

    Man, I had too much sugar tonight.

  3. It could be the dark spot on the stoop...just sayin'...

    And I'd think you can get better pictures of the art by turning off the flash, lighting the lantern and taking the picture at know...that time of day when the gravitational pull of the moon increases and children lose all potential for rational behavior?

  4. Okay, I didn't see it as levitating until you said so, but now I am laughing my head off. Thanks...I needed a good laugh tonight!

  5. Wow. I've never done a pumpkin beyond jack the basic o'lantern. Well done!

    Of course Sarah's levitating. All that hot air.

  6. My kids were bummed that our trip to the pumpkin patch this year was merely to the box outside the grocery store doors.

    And somehow I ended up with five pumpkins for six kids too. I think mine was a subconcious mistake since I knew I would be scooping out guts in at least two, probably three of them.

  7. Our pumpkins never float in the air.

    No fair.

    I got my son's tornado costume finished. I was up all night to get it done, but it turned out great.

    Except that someone thought that he was dryer lint.

  8. I love the commentary. Did you hear about this?

    They are scary, scary people.

  9. GREAT pumpkins! We totally wimped out and went to a party somewhere else. (Boooo!)

    That's what Aunties are for -- they ride in, do heroic and fun things, then ride off. I loved my uncle as a kid...

  10. You just have to see the pumpkins lit up in the dark to appreciate their greatness. But, you have to put the camera on a tripod to keep it from being fuzzy cause the shutter speed has to be slow. So, I know those were AWESOME is what I mean. I was totally wondering how that pumpkin was levitating the whole time, TOO COOL! No wonder she can keep socks on her kids and run for VP at the same time, anyone with those kind of abilities can work magic. Now, if someone could just teach her how to say nuclear, I would be so happy! Oh, and on a side note, I told about my illustrious knitting career as part of a tag last post. It will make you feel so much better about yourself again. Except I wish I could find the picture of the incredibly stretching pants. If I ever run across it, I'll e-mail ya. How many snickers did you eat while reading that comment?

  11. that floating pumpkin is freaking me out. lol
    You did a great job on the pumpkins.

  12. Your pumpkins amaze--especially the levitating demonic one. wow. More than makes up for any lack in the costume department!

  13. I like how you got the pumpkin to levitate. Maybe you could train all your food to do that so that it could take itself out of the fridge...

    Not that I want to spoil your Wednesday fun or anything.