Wednesday, October 22, 2008

As The Food Turns

But first, some non-food news (well, sort of...)...

This news story is making me rethink everything I thought I knew about the blogosphere. I mean, knitting bloggers all seem so nice (so long as you don't threaten their stash). If you can't trust a knitting blogger, who can you trust? And if you peruse those published blog posts of the accused, they all seem fairly standard, don't they? Will we all start wondering who else amongst us might be a wolf in sheep's clothing? (Well, a wolf knitting from sheep's clothing, anyway...)

And doesn't this incident mean that all of us knitting bloggers should refrain from joking about how we steal from the family food budget in order to add to our yarn stashes? I wouldn't want the FBI showing up at my door, waving some printouts of this blog and demanding to see my teenage daughter. It just might upset Larry. Run-ins with the law do that to him, you know.

Speaking of knitting bloggers (at least, those of us who are law-abiding), I can only assume that we are all of the same mind about this news item. 150,000 dollars on clothes? I could have made do on half that and then spent the rest on some good sock yarn. And a decent set of circular needles. And a few knitting books....

It's all about spending priorities, isn't it? Judging from hers, I'm betting we can't count on a Vice President Palin to support yarn subsidies for knitters. I wonder, is there a knitter on the Democratic ticket? Does anyone even care about the knitting vote?

And now back to our regularly scheduled feature -

  1. Sauerkraut (again!) - it migrated back into the refrigerator while I was still trying to decide whether or not to toss it.
  2. 2 Gladware containers of mashed potatoes
  3. 1 Gladware container of some kidney bean concoction - it was slated for the freezer, but someone shoved it into the back of the fridge instead.
  4. Our scrambled eggs from last week - I told you so.
  5. A CorningWare pot half full (or half empty, depending upon your outlook) of homemade chicken noodle soup. My kids like the canned stuff better. What can I say? They're sodium junkies.
  6. And in the back is some leftover Amigo Chicken Tortilla Soup from SavingDinner. This tasted pretty good; but then Anna decided that it smelled like the sausage chowder she had thrown up 2 years ago, and now no one wants to eat it. Including y'all, I suppose...
I must say, it is a wonder how I am able to work the subject of vomit into almost any post. I do pride myself on it.


  1. That is such a sad story I can't believe it. The blog is so creepy when you know what was happening.

  2. I love the vomit highlight! I managed to work it in about my crazy day and the puppy and the car....and one daughter's flip flop. And of course I thought of you!

  3. That story just skeeved me out when I heard about it. I can think of all sorts of punishments for those parents but unfortunately nobody is asking me for suggestions.

    I love your fridge clean-out posts, they let me know I am not alone in my fridge science projects while REMINDING me to clean out the fridge more than once a year. Rock on.

  4. I told you to throw that saeurkraut away! Eww, now do it I say!

  5. Don't throw the sourkrout away. It supposed to be sour, right.
    That and sour cream never spoils.

  6. You are a riot. YES!!! I totally trust the crafty, knitty, crochety bloggers.
    They all seem so calm and loving.
    (I do not do any of those things....hence my sometimes grumpy-pants disposition)

  7. That news story is horrifying. WTH?????? Poor kid. Crazy woman.

  8. Ignoring the crazy obsessed knitter story to say that I'm also coveting some interchangeable needles from KnitPicks. In Harmony wood. *sigh*

  9. Um, sour cream does too spoil. Hint: it's not supposed to be green. (Response to comment from Joe)

    And this post was really funny (congrats on getting the vomit in again!), but that news story was a TRIP. How did they find the starving girl? They must never have let her out of the house. Sooo creepy! I'm rethinking all my nice normal bloggers that I feel I know too.

  10. I think you need a FoodSaver.

  11. You are the reason my refrigerator is so clean. Week after week I watched as you took things OUT and THREW THEM AWAY. It was a concept that scared me. But I took the plunge and now I have a clean, empty refridge. Can someone come over and cook for me?

    And that woman (actually, the whole family) is so sad. The girl will never be the same. Poor thing.

  12. This little down is fifteen minutes from my house. This story breaks my heart. I didn't know the mother had a blog.

  13. Last night I threw out the very same things from my fridge. But I'm still afraid to look in the vegetable bin.

  14. I have a question. The chairs? Turned upside down on the table? Like when I was in kindergarten? Is this an everyday occurrence?

    Inquiring minds and all that.... ;-)

  15. I always seem to stop by your blog just in time for the regular refrigerator nightmare posts.

    Have you ever had to clean out a refrigerator at your office? I did that yesterday. There were things in there that had been in there for at least two years. I'm surprised we hadn't all died of radiation poisoning from it.

  16. Just stopping in for my weekly dose of vomit...

    Luckily I read through your words before clicking on the really vomit-inducing links to King-5 News. [shudder]

  17. Ooooh! That was a creepy news story. You mean our imaginary friends might really be scary?! That's so icky! You do have a talent with vomit, I must admit. As for the sauerkraut, does it have an expiration date? Could you send it to a lab to see if it's poisonous yet or not? Just a thought. As for last week, I always wonder if I created botulism when I can too.