Thursday, October 09, 2008

Never Procrastinate

Random thoughts from today:

1. The problem with waiting several months to look at my photos on the computer is that I belatedly learn that the haircut I got in April makes me look really awful. I don't think even photoshop can fix the problem. Although I am not really sure what photoshop is. Can it give me different hair? And, the real question here is, have my friends been acting in a compassionate manner by not telling me the truth? Or should they have staged an intervention?

2. How about that Dow Jones, eh? And whoever thought a bank failure in Iceland would be big news? I didn't know Iceland had a bank.

3. Larry returned early(!) (as in, this evening!) from his week-long management retreat.

4. I spent the afternoon lying in bed not suffering from gallstones. It was fun. I comforted myself with the thought that I still had all day tomorrow to clean up the house and prepare for Larry's birthday before his return late tomorrow afternoon, but...well, see #3. Sometimes surprises are not a good thing.

5. This study about acetaminophen use for infants should be getting way more attention. Parents, check it out!


  1. My daughter had chronic fevers as a baby/toddler. She had tons of Tylenol. Now she has eczema. This studdy is really scary.

    The whole economy is really scary.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Oh feel better! I am glad he came home early. Now he can clean :)

  3. Don't the folks in Iceland just buy their money under the ice?

  4. I'm thinking that's a typo and Mrs. G means "bury," not "buy."

  5. While your not suffering from gallstones I thought I would pass along my little bit of love.

    I know your ubber famous and what-all, and you've probably got a gazillion of these but I'm giving you a blog award because I just can't seem to get enough of your blog.

    You rule!

  6. Yes, Photoshop can fix your hair! You can cut and paste somebody else's hair on your photo!
    Of course that's just in the photo, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work in real life. (I'm currently dealing with a hair dilema/disaster)

  7. Parents just can't stand not to give their kids nothing (besides hydration, saline nasal drops, etc. for comfort). Even when you flat tell them it won't help. It boggles me.

  8. You really DO have to have pictures developed soon after you take them right? Otherwise, they lose their ZIP, ZING, and ZAH.
    I took great pictures of a beach trip last summer...never developed eh.
    Don't care.
    I sure don't want to think about summer now. Makes me boo hoo.

  9. Thanks for the link to the study. It's very, very rare that I give my kids Tylenol--only if a fever is disrupting their ability to sleep. I *never* gave it for teething. We use Hyland's Teething Tablets. They work like magic. Makes me feel better to know I was doing the right thing by avoiding Tylenol.

  10. Actually it's called Iceland because it was nicer than Greenland and they didn't want anyone to go there. Smart group. So, no they probably don't buy or bury their money under the ice.

    I hate it when people mess up my 'procrastination time table' too. Still, it's good he came home... :)

  11. I find that a scissors fixes my bad hair in pictures. I just cut me right out of the shot!

  12. Thanks for the link to the study. I wish there was more concrete information, but the idea is scary.


  13. The gal that normally cuts my hair has moved, and I'm too paranoid to go to someone else. My hair is getting longer and longer. 40-something women don't look good with rapunzel hair.

    My hubbie is supposed to come home in two days. After reading your post, maybe I should start my dishes now.

  14. Come sit by me, I LOVE to procrastinate.

    (Maybe you can help me with the homework I should have finished yesterday)

  15. Oh my gosh! That article (yes, I clicked it) is eye opening! I am surprised that this is the first I have heard about it. Why isn't it getting more attention?