Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Which I Sell Out

Well, Sarah has solved for me the riddle of the mysteriously increasing blog stats - apparently, as she informed me in the comments yesterday, everyone on Facebook is searching the Internet for images of their favorite childhood cartoon characters to use for their profile pictures.

Now, a lesser person than moi would undoubtedly try to take advantage of this situation, perhaps even attempt to optimize their search whatevers to extract even more traffic from this profile-picture craze.  Imagine!  Posting random cartoon character pictures on your blog just to attract more "eyeballs," as the Internet folk call it!  And even (on the advice of a certain computer-savvy teen)  listing the character names - Bugs Bunny, say, or Tweety Bird or Fred Flintstone  - all to improve the page's meta http equivalence...or something like that...

I swear, such money-grubbing opportunists are making all us Internet hacks look bad.  How will I ever be taken seriously as an artist again?

On the other hand, I could really use some extra yarn money...

[Bugs Bunny image credit: Hollywood.com]

[Tweety Bird image credit: blogs.voices.com]

[Fred Flintstone image credit: manhattaninfidel.com]


  1. You are hysterical! Thank you!

  2. Quick! Add some Disney cartoon characters$$$ (Oh, wait, I mean !!!)

  3. And here you thought the increased stats were just to read your witty, high-quality writing.

  4. I just found out that 2 friends are taking knitting lessons from another lady. I might be joining them in January. Chalk another point up for hobbies that cause me to buy all sorts of supplies that look beautiful taking up space on my shelves!
    And I totally need a cute Pikachu on my facebook.

  5. HAHA! Love it! (And thanks for the tag... I'll have to check my stats tonight, too!) ;)

  6. Just here to say that my 6yo started puking a few hours ago, and for some reason, I thought of you...

  7. I just read that those cartoon characters are supposed to represent an anti child-abuse campaign.

  8. My stats barely have a pulse. It's because I hardly ever post anymore. However, even when I posted regularly, most of the people who read are non-commenters/non-bloggers. It's hard to feel good about that.