Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekly News Round-Up

You know, I've just spent almost an hour trying to write a post here with amusing news highlights from the week. But, there aren't any, really. I give up. The presidential candidates are still going "Nanner nanner boo boo" at each other; Governor Palin is still doing her hockey-mom schtick on the campaign trail; Senator Biden is still opening his mouth and sticking his foot in it. There is nothing new under the sun, and November 4th cannot come quickly enough for me.

Isn't there a war/occupation happening in Iraq? I haven't heard anything about it for a while.

Does anyone else have the impression that the Treasury Secretary, and the Federal Reserve, and the Congress do not actually know what to do about the financial crisis? That they are, in fact, sort of feeling their way along? And was there anything scarier this past week than watching a confused Alan Greenspan being grilled by irate Senators to no purpose? The guy never knew what he was doing, folks. That's the long and short of it.

Click on that last link - it's got a good cartoon.

Nothing funny here, folks - maybe you should listen to that traitor Christopher Buckley instead. He's a pretty amusing guy. (Skip the first 3 minutes if you are the impatient type.)


  1. I think I may be suffering from election fatigue myself. And just plain old fatigue.

  2. Hockey-mom schtick. Heh. Good one. Not that I don't think that what you said about Biden was funny too. I do. I'm an equal-opportunity laugher.

  3. Oops. That comment was also supposed to say:

    But Hockey=mom schtick was punnier.

  4. I voted early last week, so I don't have to listen to the political stuff anymore. (breathes a sigh of relief) although it doesn't stop me from reading about it anyway

  5. There's what? A war???? Oh, right. Now, I remember. That's why my husband's gone.

  6. I haven't heard you talk about anyone throwing up at your house recently, so that's got to be good news, right?

  7. Notes:
    My head is hurting from this campaign.
    Yes, there is still an occupation in Iraq; my brother comes home from serving in 4 weeks! We are relieved.
    It's all making me tired.
    How about you?

  8. I hear you -- the only thing we moms at the YMCA could agree on last week is that we can't wait for this all to be over.

    On the other hand, what will we do with all that time we'll have, when we no longer feel the need to watch Rachel Maddow on CNBC?

  9. November 4th cannot get here soon enough.

  10. Major election fatigue/stress/anxiety/praying/hoping/praying/please make it end.

  11. I found it amusing that the dreaded "hockey" schtick (minus the mom part) managed to invade even an article on Greenspan.

  12. I share your sentiment. I CANNOT wait for this election to end. I'm sick of being sick of it. Hard to believe the conventions were just last month!

    And about Alan Greenspan: there are no words. Geez.

  13. Yes, there are. How about, "Oh, how the mighty have fallen!"?



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