Sunday, November 23, 2008

Never Never Land

I excitedly told my husband this evening that AlisonH instructed me (in the comments on this post) on how to prevent scarring after Susie's stitches are removed.

"AlisonH?" he asked. "Are we taking advice from imaginary people again? Haven't we talked about this?"

"But she's real! She wrote a book!" I said, feeling a tad defensive.

 "She says it's her book."

"Well, she wouldn't lie - she's very nice. She even voted for Obama."

"Maybe she just said that to fool you into trusting her."

That Larry - he refuses to believe in the magic that is the Internet. I bet that when he saw Peter Pan, he refused to clap for Tinkerbell.
Everyone clap your hands if you believe in AlisonH, will you? Sheesh...


  1. Clapping!! Also, what could it hurt to try?

  2. clap! Clap! Clap!

    I believe!

    I bet he doesn't believe in the tooth fairy either.

  3. I Do believe in Fairies, I Do, I Do.

    And I'm clapping for AlisonH too!

    Show Larry her picture. Maybe then he'll think she's real. She looks healthy enough.

  4. I bet Laura thinks I'm in an imaginary marriage with katydidnot too.

  5. Eff. That was supposed to say "Larry" not "Laura."

    I'll do it again and you can just use the one.

    Or all three.

  6. I bet Larry thinks I'm in an imaginary marriage with katydidnot too.

  7. Okay, let's expand on that a bit: Alison Jeppson Hyde, author of "Wrapped in Comfort: Knitted Lace Shawls," and if he still doesn't believe that, tell me your address and your favorite color and some not-imaginary knitted stuff might show up. Only, not in colors I hate to look at, I don't knit those. No mustard yellows. See, I'm not only real, I'm honest.

    And if that's not enough of neener neener neener for him, my dad is the Lawrence Jeppson who wrote a book on art forgeries, "The Fabulous Frauds," in 1970. Amazon's got four used copies. His cousin is Janet Jeppson Asimov, widow of Isaac...

    Writing is in the genes over here. Get us started typing away and we never shut up.

    Except maybe to go knit.

  8. Clapping.
    Haha.. 'she's very nice. She even voted for Obama'

  9. I believed even before I bought her book!

  10. Clapping. She's my e-friend, too. And I have her book.

    Not so sure I believe in Larry...

  11. Clap clap clap - I believe!!!

  12. Too funny! Yes, she is real and I've met her in person and she is absolutely delightful!

  13. I adore AlisonH! I think the husband known as Larry has some serious trust issues, though...

  14. Clapping like crazy!


  15. Oh, for Pete's Sakes, man! Of course she's real! I mean she isn't imaginary like those people that show up on This Old House and you believe in them, don't you?

  16. I believe (clicking heels three times).

  17. Yes, Virginia (or, in this case, Larry), there is a Santa Claus.

  18. I've known Alison since we were in 7th grade! She's the best friend I can imagine having!

    Clap, clap, clap, infinitum.

    I'll bet he doesn't believe in Water Turtles, either! (I *love* my shawl!)

  19. So--hey, Larry, did I pass? Even if I got punchy typing away at midnight last night, getting carried away into silliness. Speaking of which, hey, Niki, remember, you're past believing--we met at Warren's shop in San Rafael while you were on that Sea Socks cruise.

  20. Sea Socks cruise? Do you have to let the non-knitters among us know just how obsessed we all are?

  21. I do believe in Allison H. I do, I do!

  22. Ha! I just clapped my hands!
    My hubby believes, because I occasionally have him read an exceptional blog post that I think he will enjoy.
    That, and I have been known to share prayer requests at church (with permission) for "my friend _____" and he'll look at me and say, WHO? And I'll tell him that she (or he) is a friend I met blogging.
    He's pretty sure I spend way too much time at this, but he does seem to understand that we are a community. [However, I'm not going to poll those prayer warriors in our congregation, just in case they think some of my friends are imaginary!!]
    Poor Larry, he's missing out on some wonderful magic pixie dust.

  23. Wait... AlisonH is related to Issac Asimov?? We LOVE his fiction writing over here in Kcinnova's World!!

  24. I believe, and you can just buy surgical tape in the drug store and use it like she explained. Also, after that comes off you can use this ridiculously expensive ointment called Mederma to help it look even better. That's from our son's plastic surgeon. And keep it out of the sun till it's totally healed.



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