Sunday, November 09, 2008


The leaves are falling in great numbers here, and the 4 youngest spent about 3 hours outside this afternoon, piling them up and playing in them. Need I tell you that I love autumn? Of course, Susie did have periodic hissy fits because there were leaf bits in the pockets of her dress. Or up her sleeves. Or down her neck.

Come to think of it, I probably should have just kept her inside.


We can't run the water in the kitchen at all, without risking a tsunami in our downstairs bathroom. Or maybe I mean a geyser. Or some other sort of a natural water-based phenomenon. Larry actually said to me, "It's really disgusting, don't even look." Okay, then. The only good thing is that the flood might drown any mice that find their way in there.


I'm over at MidCentury Modern Moms today, sharing my newfound wisdom on how to handle teen daughter wardrobe crises. Read all about it!


  1. Oh...fall leaves. Jumping in them. I have such good memories of that as a child.

    Perhaps good that you are looking on the positive side of flooding bathrooms and mice...

  2. "...and the 4 youngest spent about..."

    It's not like I don't know you have 6 kids but when you put it like that, the enormity of it jumped out at me.

    4 youngest?! My heavens, she really means that.

    And fall is my fav time of year with the kids. Sounds like it was a fun time. :)

  3. I think the words "it's really disgusting, don't even look" would be enough for me too.

    Can you teach them to rake up the leaves? And then come teach mine too?

  4. We raked yesterday, too. Then my chickies picked the teeny tiny red berries from the barberry bushes and tried to either eat them or snort them. I'm not sure. I chose not to look or ask questions. Fun times!

    Flooding. Not so fun times.

  5. When I picked up my kids from school last week, i only saw two of them waiting for me next to a big pile of leaves.
    When they saw me, they ran to the car, and my other son jumped out of the leaf pile, so now I have dried leaves all over in my car.

  6. Hey, drowning all those mice might lead to a new header on that blog though!
    I love the SMELL of those leaves, but I'm kind of with Susie on the itch factor.

  7. I love Autumn leaves so much...shame they're all so soggy here!


  8. Hey, aren't you Miss Pollyanna to look on the bright side of your very own personal geyser!

  9. Dead mice floating around in the basement stew. Not a good time.
    But, way to look on the bright side.

  10. i love an activity that keeps kids occupied and requires no clean up.

    Unless you all have to rake those leaves.

  11. I left you an award. Cruise by my blog and check it out.