Thursday, November 27, 2008

As The Food Turns: Thanksgiving Edition

Yeah, I'm a day late. So shoot me. I had my first evening of work yesterday; I'll talk more about that tomorrow, but just let me say that if someone wants to pay me to vacuum, I'm all for it. That's what I've been practicing for all these years.

So, over there, below and to the left (the left! something different every week!) is a comely stack of past-their-prime leftovers, taking their farewell walk, as it were. From the top down:

1. homemade blackberry jam from Auntie Kate. Yum.
2. leftover oatmeal that I once again neglected to force on my hungry children.
3. egg salad. Blecch. Don't do a close-up on that one.
4. Mexican chicken and black beans. I'm surprised to see this, as I managed to serve these leftovers at 3 separate meals. Maybe I should cook in smaller quantities?
5. crockroast drippings. If I had made real gravy out of these, they wouldn't have been left over. Mea culpa.
6. cranberry sauce. Ousted from the refrigerator to make room for the fresh batch we made yesterday.
7. mashed potatoes. We're making more today. Maybe I should have been more frugal and tried using these instead...

Well, I'm off to do an emergency run to the grocery store - because 3 times already this week just wasn't enough. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Just imagine if the paid you to clean bathrooms!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Vacuuming-a big part of the retail experience. I had forgotten about that, or maybe blocked it out.;-)
    We always use our left over mashed potatoes for making potato cakes to have with breakfast the next morning.
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! For once, I'm looking forward to leftovers.

  4. Haha- that was funny. I always used to wonder what the turkeys would say if they could talk - talk in human language that is.

    I want to hear more about getting paid to vacuum.

  5. Happy Thankgiving.

    I want to hear about your new job and the hot guys behind the register. There are hot guys at your new job, right?

  6. I have a kid who loves to vacuum. Do you think I could get someone to pay me to have him vacuum?

  7. happy Thanksgiving! My refridge is full of new and old leftovers!

  8. So if you reused mashed potatoes, do you have to irradiate them? What's the protocol?

    Love the video--


  9. Only fresh leftovers in my fridge. Except for that big container of tomato soup... and the moldy cucumbers I threw out before I bought a new one the other day.

    When it came time for the 3rd trip to Giant Foods, I sent my 17yo. After all, he's the one who said, "What? No mashed potatoes tonight?"

  10. Love the video. Glad I'm not the only one who makes too many trips to the store. I forgot the other potato recipes :( I'll get right on that.

  11. My 16 yr old loves leftover mashed potatoes, rice, noodles, almost any carb. She is skinny as a rail, maybe weighs 120 pounds and is 5 ft 8 and can out eat most of the family. She takes care of most of the leftovers.

  12. Making room for the new leftovers...