Saturday, November 15, 2008


After 4 tries on sock #1 and 2 tries on sock #2 (and if you think about it, I really knit 3 pairs of socks here), I finally have this (over there to the right) to show for all my efforts.

This was the first pair I have knit from Sockotta, and I am desperately trying to ignore the fact that the socks are, as I type this post, making my ankles itch. Nope, I just won't think about that at all.

I was also victorious (albeit 3 days late) in my weekly fridge cleaning. And not merely victorious, but downright creative, actually - I present to y'all Still Life With Leftovers:

Nice, isn't it? The dying flowers add a certain je ne sais quoi to the usual stack of Pyrex. Van Gogh, eat your heart out.

P.S. And for those of you who just have to know, from bottom to top it's chicken in black bean sauce, potroast (maybe), black bean soup, scrambled egg, and cooked pumpkin. I'm sure Ma Ingalls would have made some sort of a delicious stew out of all these ingredients before they went bad; I bow to her superior subsistence skills.


  1. Ugh. Second sock syndrome......hate it. (the syndrome. Love the socks.)

  2. LOVE the socks! I wish I could do that! I think they look just great.

    And what's a little itching in the name of style? :)

  3. I've waited for the right entry to post, and now it's here :)
    I'm "one of those" au pairs from Germany, who invaded your blog when you began your weekly fridge cleaning. Since I'm at my host family's in Houston, I regularly read your blog (mostly when my 3-year-old naps) and I always love Wednesdays :)
    Our fridge isn't as messy, but we're only 2 kids and 3 adults. And as I like leftovers for lunch, we don't have to throw away that much. And my host mom always cooks the right amount (actually I don't know how she does that, my mom at home always cooked way too much of any stuff).
    To your socks. They just reminded me of home and my grandma :) She always makes those socks, even the colors are the same. And yes, they make you a little itchy. But I always liked the color and I liked to wear them at night in winter.

    Btw, could you make an entry about home-schooling? Home-schooling isn't allowed in Germany, and I'm really curious how somebody can do and organize something like that.

    OK, this comment is now really long, so I better stop here :)
    Keep on going writing your blog, I love it!


    PS: I'm from Houston now, but I'm not the one from NASA, even though I went to NASA last Sunday :-P

  4. Have you washed them? I had a pair made from I don't know what (my sister made them) and they itched. Then I washed them, and they were fine. Usually wool doesn't bother me, so I think it was just that particular yarn. I'm not saying you don't wash your socks or anything, just that I know I don't prewash usually, so if you don't either, it might help. :)

  5. I haven't seen a sacrificial egg sandwich for a couple of weeks. What's up with that?? Maybe the egg sandwich Elijah has been taking them and sharing them with the less fortunate?

  6. I've become the egg-sandwich Nazi: I force the kids to eat the leftover sandwich halves before I'll make them more.

    And, yes, they do cry...but I'm used to that.

  7. oh. the socks. that is on my list to learn and do. are you going to make more? How hard was it?

  8. If you already know how to knit, it's easy to learn how to knit socks just by following the "Sock Recipe" in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Knitting Rules." That's how I did it. I had to get another beginner's book to see how to knit in the round, but that was easy to pick up, also.

  9. The socks area adobrable, but I pretty much don't ever wear socks (except for with tennies while exercising). It's probably best I continue to live in San Diego.

    I love your au pair comment.

  10. I think something in my own fridge resembles the water in which your flowers are dying. Yikes. Time to clean.

  11. Forget the food...the water in the flower vase is a bit beyond...
    oops...looks just like the stuff I just got rid of. :P
    Great job on the socks!
    Pax, E

  12. The dying flowers are definitely the piece de resistance!

    As for the socks - I'm trying to re-teach myself how to knit. Are socks something that I can ever dream of?

  13. Cute cute socks! I'm crocheting and knitting scarves like crazy here at my end of the world. (Crazed attempts to get about 30 scarves done by Christmas -- but so far I've only got four.)

    As for your latest refrigerator offerings, have you considered getting a dog? For the leftovers, I mean?

  14. I absolutely refuse to have anything else in this house that poops.

  15. I'm totally impressed with your sock-making skills. My late grandmother made us socks one Christmas and we couldn't get the long tubes past our toes. The socks were hopeless, but the memory of all of us laughing have lasted.

    But, ankle itching? Oooch, not sure I could ignore that for long!

  16. i already had copious amount of respect for you but now that i know you can knit socks, well, i'm just in awe.

    are those your actual feet? Or Mary Tyler Moore's feet?

  17. Congrats on the socks and good luck with that itching thing...

  18. Excellent still life. you capture the faint taint of death and rot so nicely.

  19. Like the socks...maybe after washing a few times they'll stop itching. Now those leftovers are much more artistic than anything that's in my fridge.

  20. Your socks are lovely. Your leftovers, well, you know...

    I just finished knitting a sweater for The Girl, and IT STILL FITS! I think that's a record! (Naturally, she won't wear it, but that's an entirely different story!)

  21. Adorable socks - I'm sorry they're itchy!
    And Still Life with leftovers cracked me up.

    But I also want to say, I admire your comment over at Jenn's today. It's a prickly issue and one I have stayed away from commenting on. I'm sure someone will wonder why church has to be reserved for some and not others.

  22. love the socks, wonder about the color of the water in the vase...


  23. Cute socks! :) Glad they worked out despite being itchy.

    I really enjoy your fridge clean-out posts, and the flowers certainly do add to the overall effect :) I was just wondering though - have you ever considered freezing leftovers and sauces/soups? We inevitably have too much and freezing helps them last longer (although it can clog up the freezer sometimes).

  24. Hooray for the socks. I guess next time you could find less itchy yarn? As for the still life, it looks good enough to paint.