Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Acting Like An Adult (For Once)

Sigh. Really, I've had this happen before. I forgot Susie's nighttime diaper last night and she wet our bed.

[Yes, she still comes into our bed. By the time you have 6 kids, you don't care anymore. Not much, anyway...]

And as we all know, in this sort of situation Larry gets up and tries to look alert while I clean up the damage. But last night? I managed to strip the 2/3 of our bed that Larry wasn't sleeping on, rub baking soda into the offending spot, strip Susie, and wash and redress her - all without his waking up. In fact, he snored through the whole thing, despite my efforts to be as noisy as possible. Somehow I resisted hitting him with Susie's pee-soaked puppy-dog pajamas. It was tempting, though.

Maybe 19 years of marriage can be a maturing experience, after all...


  1. Last night, as I schlepped one daughter to and fro, I asked another daughter to do this one thing, this ONE thing for me. Make sure to take the puppies out to the potty.

    Not only did she not do that, she managed to put them on my bed where she was watching TV and then she managed to leave the room. I got the phone call about 9:30 last night as we wearily made our way home from schlepping, "Mom, the dog peed in your bed."

    They have now officially peed in every corner of this house.

    I'm feeling you.

  2. Wow, that's some serious restraint! Good for you. My wife would have just yelled in my ear. "Get your ass up!"

    Six kids!!! I'm in awe!

  3. I used to purposefully move around on the bed when the babies woke up to nurse in the middle of the night and my husband slept through the whole thing.

    You're a good wife.

  4. The more I know about Larry, the more I admire him. I probably would've let my wife sleep too, if she could've.

  5. So... this absolutely could've happened at my house. Only I wouldn't be as lovely and patient as you. Or, of course, as funny.

  6. Sometimes it's the other way around for us. He gets up and does the work while I sleep (or pretend to).

    I woke up thinking about this very thing: after ten years of pregnancy, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and diapers (sometimes all at the same time, of course), I just slept through an entire night, without being woken up or even getting up to pee myself. Sweet bliss.

  7. I can sleep through just about anything, but when it comes to pee and vomit, I'm the one who wakes up. Go figure.

  8. Oh man, that is the WORST when it's on your bed. The only thing worse than the WORST is when you go back to their bed in the morning to find out that they wet that one too! A double-header!

  9. Because I still have one child who has nighttime accidents unless said child is taken to the bathroom sometime in the middle of the night, I can totally relate. Even when my husband gets up to deal with the wet sheets (because it is his job to take said child to the bathroom, not mine) I always find myself awake and changing them myself.

  10. How do they DO that? Sleep through stuff, I mean. Yeah, I would've whacked him with the puppy pjs.

    We are trying to get the little people out of our bed, with varying degrees of success. It sure does make a difference to my rest, though, when we manage to make it through the night without an intruder.

  11. Kids leave your bed? When does this mysterious event occur? Sam (3+) is still in our bed most nights and so is Rosalie (almost 1). That's okay, as Hubby usually sleeps in his very expensive recliner, as that is the only place he can sleep well (he doesn't snore in his chair.)



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