Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spare Parts R Us

My friend (you know, the mayo-giving one who doesn't bother to read my posts) called me today.

"Did Larry get the dishwasher hooked up right?" she asked.
"So you actually read my blog?"
"Yeah, I read it. Is it hooked up?"
"Actually, no - he hasn't had time to look at it."

[Significant pause]

"So, now you have 2 broken dishwashers in your house?"

Well, yes. That's one way to put it. Thanks.

[Picture courtesy of HowStuffWorks]


  1. owwwwchhhh... Good luck!

  2. So she's been lurking all along? ;-)

  3. Ha! How about one broken dishwasher and one spare fridge . . .

  4. ONE way to put it. Another way to put it: I have NO working dishwashers in my house.

    Your life is a circus, isn't it?

  5. If I send my husband over to play with your broken dishwasher(s), will you come clean my house?

  6. Well no, it's not 2 broken dishwashers. It's one broken and one needing RE-installation.

  7. My husband knows me well. There's usually about a 6 hour window between when an appliance breaks and the new one is purchased and installed.

    It's not that he's that nice--it's that he knows how neurotic I am.

  8. Just found your condiment saga. I'm cleaning out my fridge when I get home.

    Love it!