Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Heart Science

Sometimes there are scientific findings that restore my faith in the essential rightness of the universe. This one, for example...

Can you believe it? Eating a dose of chocolate every single day can lower my risk of heart attack and stroke. Sure, the article says that a mere quarter of an ounce is necessary to produce these health benefits; but if chocolate the size of a little foil-wrapped Easter egg is good for me, wouldn't an entire bag of those eggs be even better?

I'm on it.

[photo courtesy of About.com]


And for those of you parents who agonize over the benefits/disadvantages of video games, here is a scintillating discussion (courtesy of The Onion) on whether violent video games are adequately preparing kids for the post-Apocalyptic world.

Make sure to check out the comment section. Apparently there are people out there who do not understand satire.


  1. Did you see the Onion article on 'school-homing?' My little cousin posted it on FB yesterday, and it was very, very funny.

  2. The problem with the chocolate connection is that I can't just have a "dose." I have 10 doses.
    I'm quite sure that those of us who have chocolate issues should probably eat more legumes instead of Hersheys.
    But, I LOVE the SCIENCE of it all.

  3. You're so funny. I'm glad you found a way to use all of these very confusing and contradictory studies to your benefit. (I happen to use the wine one all the time. I need it for my heart, you see.)

  4. That? Was more brilliant than their coverage of the Slut-Bus Crash. Loveitloveitloveit.
    Now, I'm going to review hand grenade tossing with my middle who's home sick from school.

  5. As a dieter, I need to bite the bullet and just consume a small piece of chocolate each day. Problem is I can't stop at just one. Then again, I don't drink wine which is also good for you, right? Hmm, something to think about!

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  6. I keep trying to tell my husband that a bottle of wine and a bag of chocolates is necessary for my health. Daily.