Sunday, March 28, 2010

Twitter, Explained - And IKEA - 2 Posts In 1!

Congratulations, Bloggess! Thanks to your post, I finally get the appeal of Twitter. For those of you unaware of the Zombie Apocalypse, I suggest you click on that link now. Who knew that getting your brains eaten by the undead could be so amusing?


Larry and I went out to dinner tonight with 2 other couples. We all left our children (15 total) to fend for themselves. I highly recommend this activity to other long-suffering parents. Just first make sure your fire insurance is up-to-date...


I set a new low-purchase record at IKEA today - 5 dollars (not counting the bags of frozen meatballs, of course). And I saved Larry an additional 1500 dollars by not bringing home the bedroom furniture I was eyeing. But please! Do not give me any credit for thrift - the longed-for bed frame and dressers were just too heavy to load into the cart by myself.

When I told Larry about my foiled expenditure, he paled visibly, a reaction which speaks to his incredibly charming naivete. I mean, after all these years, he should realize how close to the financial abyss he treads by letting me loose like that. Particularly right after I do our taxes...

Because, yes! We can! We can get our taxes done before April 15th! Usually I have them done by mid-February; but this year? I have dubbed this year the Year of Procrastinating Dangerously. If I can shop for all my Christmas presents after December 20th, I can certainly wait until late March to mess with those IRS forms. What could be next? Perhaps delaying until the last minute to find jelly beans? Looks like I'm right on track for that...


What does one buy for 5 dollars at IKEA, you wonder? Why, a set of red measuring cups, to replace the set cobbled together from 3 different purchases over the past decade. Sometimes I just want things to match and look pretty, you know? Things like bedroom furniture, say...

Poor Larry. Wives...we'll spend whatever you make...


  1. A trip to IKEA is on my list this week (as soon as I am able to drag my virus-ridden body into an upright position for more than 5 minutes at a stretch).

    The list starts with a bed frame and ends with plates--and there is plenty in between.

  2. We go out every Saturday and leave the kids to fend for themselves. I could have told you that this was a good thing. (OK, we usually pick up a pizza for them on our way home)
    I took some of the kids to IKEA yesterday. We spent $24 and got a ton of stuff. I just like going there.
    I found a set of dishes (MATCHING dishes, if you can imagine that!) and I almost bought them, but chickened out at the last moment.
    My inlaws are staying with us for the week and they want to go to IKEA tomorrow, so I told my husband that I was going to buy the dishes, and he said "And why are we getting these dishes?"
    I explained to him that I actually wanted dishes that match.
    Seriously, what's so wrong with wanting things to match and look nice?

  3. Can you please expand on HOW one gets through the great IKEA maze without spending >$200? I can't do it. I start out looking for spoons and then walk out with a tv stand, a bunk bed, a lamp, a rug, a mattress and some napkin rings. And usually drive away without realizing that I forgot the spoons. It's the Target phenomenon.

  4. I saw that twitter thread. Hilarious. I am going to search for you on there. Also, I have never been to Ikea. Also, whose house was deemed expendable enough to handle 15 unsupervised kids?

  5. I'm madly jealous that you have an IKEA. There's not even one in my state. Waaaaaah.

  6. Damn, I could not get the twitter thread to work!
    I was just at IKEA Saturday night. Alas, I did NOT make it out for under $5. I did, however, make it out under $80 which is something.

  7. Alas, IKEA is so far for us, if I go all that way I'd better spend more than $5! I did the last-minute hunt for Easter basket stuff today (it feels last minute to me, anyway). I went to Target, and found--yes!--gluten-free candy in the mainstream store (my middle kid seems to do way better without it, even though the test was borderline yet still negative). Alas once again, I can't get out of Target for under $50. Ever. In my defense, it's enough of a drive that I save up a list; it's not just a stop-in sort of place for me.

  8. I still have yer to nail down all the papers I need to collect to do my taxes with, and it's almost April, eek! I live on the WILD SIDE, baby! Also, when you leave kids home, make sure they know not to play with phones and dial 911, sage advice from moi!

  9. I can't believe you mentioned the dinner without commenting on your little cup of garlic yogurt.

  10. a pack of 20 washcloths, with different colored hanging loops (so boys won't use each other's washcloths)...that's what i got at ikea for less than $5.

    oh, also some teeny, tiny espresso spoons.

    i love that store.

  11. "I mean, after all these years, he should realize how close to the financial abyss he treads by letting me loose like that."
    My marriage, utterly summed up.

  12. I'm scared to go into an IKEA. I've never been. Especially since we're downsizing and well, I'd really like all new stuff. ;-)

  13. I do the same thing. Hubby asks if I found anything while out shopping and I tell him yes and I just saved you $800 by not buying everything I wanted at the Pier 1! If nothing else: I am thrifty!

  14. IKEA and me with no (expendible) money -- a recipe for disaster, or at least sadness...

  15. I hate shopping, but when I get on Ebay, watch out! Thats where I bought "big red", my 2006 chevy express 15 passenger van. :)

  16. Sadly, I have not stepped foot into IKEA in years (something about travel time and inconvenience) but I could easily walk out with just one $5 item: a bag of 100 tealights. Last time I went, I stocked up.