Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flattery Won't Even Get You Cookies

No real post tonight - I'm still sulking about those Reuben sandwiches...

I made the kids grilled cheese tonight, and Brian still cried. But he choked down half a sandwich so that he could try the Milano cookies a neighbor brought over (to sabotage my weight-loss efforts, no doubt). Then he discovered he doesn't like Milano cookies. So he cried again. I'm just glad he didn't vomit up the sandwich in retribution.


I'm not speaking to Larry, because - in an obsequious (and ineffective) attempt to flatter me - he said, "Wow, I really appreciate your doing the dishes the past few days."

The past few days? The past few DAYS? Try 10 months, honey...and counting...


  1. I didn't comment yesterday, but I read it. It's plainly a disavowing of their cultural history. They must eat Deli sandwiches. It's their destiny. And thanks for doing the dishes the last couple of days . . .

  2. Your sandwiches sounded great.

    Tonight I struggled to bring beets and asparagus into the family dinner..

    My husband ate them, but the sons? "Eat one piece," I always used to say. And that's what they did...they ate one piece.

  3. And yet again I find myself wanting a Reubens at 10 something pm.

  4. I'm aware of these nights well, when you convince your kid to eat something he LOVED a week ago. Mine is only three, and yet he has become a sort of expert at trying to deflect attention from his barely touched food.

    Is your boy very tired? Poor guy.

  5. Hubbys - they're experts with the whole "open mouth, insert foot" thing. don't you think?

  6. Haven't had a Reuben in ages. I think I'll track one down today!

  7. 10 months, honey... try 20 years. I find it almost comical when husbands finally notice the under-appreciated work moms do daily.
    On the bright side...if you never cook for your ingrates again...well there will be less dishes to do.

  8. My dh is in the doghouse, too. Wonder what they are doing out there...

    I've eaten an entire tube of Thin Mints 2 days in a row. Today is day 3 and it's not looking good.

  9. Bitter, I hear you. I'd have been bitter about the waste of a perfectly good Milano!

  10. Did you let him know that tomorrow is his turn?

  11. (I had just complained to my husband about a nasty stomach bug that had been wreaking havoc on my system all day and just as we were drifting off to sleep my husband says, "Well, maybe it'll help you lose those pound you've been trying to take off."

    Huh? He didn't drift off to sleep after that stupido remark, I'll have you know.

    Sorry about the Reubens. I love them, if that helps at all.