Saturday, March 20, 2010

Exercise Hoodies Quicken Weight Loss

Not really - I was just trying to find a theme here...

Took Anna to Target and bought her clothes. What else is new? I went through her closet the other week - if the nation ever faces a hoodie shortage, we are prepared.

David and Larry bicycled all day. Larry realized that he is getting out of shape. I guess his plan of exercising on all federal holidays isn't the best one. That's why I just don't bother.

This Weight Watchers thing has become a sort of rite of spring for me. Last year, and the year before...and now this year. I love traditions. All the weight I need to lose (again) is sitting on my stomach and my bust. I resemble an Easter Egg on legs. It's not a good look.

Told you! No theme...


  1. I need to join you at WW...but, I won't. I have hit a serious, "I don't care" plateau. I hope it lasts through the Easter candy season...maybe then I can bring myself to care.

  2. At least everything is where you can keep an eye on it. That's not always the case, you know.

    Of course, when you're lying down, it all cuts loose and slides off the sides.

    You really must find my bra post...I hate when people put in links on comments, but let me know and I'll roust it up for you.

  3. You're doing better than me. I look like an overstuffed sausage. I think Larry's plan is quite sound.

  4. As long as they are relevant to the conversation, links are welcome in this comments section, Murr...

    And, Viv - jellybeans don't count.

  5. "...if the nation ever faces a hoodie shortage, we are prepared."

    Good line!

  6. All righty then: the photos alone will frighten you. But it's hard to get everything roped up and pointing in the same direction:

  7. Thank goodness SOMEONE is stocking up on hoodies. Here we've been stocking up on matchbox cars and canned pears.

  8. I'm an Easter egg, too. I need to roll my tubby Humpty Dumpty self down to that gym ASAP. Here in Florida, bathing suit season is just about one humid day away.

  9. Just stop by for a visit from Bye Bye Pie - love your blog!!

  10. I finally saw the exercise matt at Costco that I haven't seen in months. Maybe I should buy one? I mean, even if I don't use it to exercise, it would still cushion the floor for Rosalie when she crawls around the living room. LOL.

    Everytime I try to exercise, I either mess up my back again or my hernia starts hurting. I'm not getting it fixed until I know I'm too old to have any more kids. I'm almost 46, so maybe 4 more years?

  11. Would you believe I have a hoodie post in my queue for this week? What do they say about great brains?

    Kudos to you on the WW--I need it, but I'm not mentally there right now.

  12. what is it about teens and their hoodies? I own one hoodie that i wear when doing yardwork, and i hate the thing. the hood drags the neckline back and i feel like i'm choking. bleck.

    also, when i gain all goes to my chest. (too much information, i know:0)

  13. I swear I'm ten minutes away from driving to your house, holding you at gunpoint and forcing you to make me one of those Reubens.

    In other news, I've never had a Reuben and didn't realize it until I read this post.

  14. I think Anna is related to SnakeMaster. He owns more hoodies than days of the week, and he's only 10 years old!
    Spring is a good time to return to WW. The first meeting of the new year was waaaay to overcrowded. I haven't been back since. Obviously, it hasn't been a priority... although Easter chocolates have been...



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