Monday, March 29, 2010

With Friends Like This...

In the comments yesterday, my friend Carol took me to task for not giving you more details of our dinner out together. For some reason she wants me to share how I completely lost control of myself while sampling the garlicky yogurt dip that came with the shish kebab. Maybe she didn't like watching me lick the bowl...

In my defense, the yogurt was not merely garlicky, it had become one with the garlic. It was a religious experience, I tell you.

I won't even mention here that Carol and her husband arrived at the restaurant late, even though they used both MapQuest and GPS to guide them. You know how hard it is to find a prominent indoor just blends into the background...

(She doesn't even have a blog of her own to defend herself on. Guest post, Carol?)


If the spirit so moves you, head on over to Suburban Matron and drop an encouraging note. She has her mastectomy tomorrow (Tuesday). She's being a lot braver about this than I would ever be.


  1. You had me at "one with the garlic." Oh, my.

  2. I don't know Suburban Matron (her name is certainly a mash up of two terrific blogger, huh?), but I will head right over to drop an encouraging note indeed. Thanks for the heads up and link.

  3. It's midnight and now I feel like a gyro.

  4. cracked me up about the suburban mall blending into the landscape. Hard to miss, right? LOL.

  5. Oh num num num. Garlic. Good grief, I'd have fought you tooth and nail to lick that bowl!

  6. I can get lost with a GPS, mapquest directions, compass and someone in the car TELLING me where to go.

    I feel for your Carol. I really do.

  7. Mmm. Garlic. When I was a Young Mover and Shaker travelling on business, I used to go to place in Chicago called Bistro 110 on East Pearson Street. After they seated you, they brought you an entire bulb of roasted garlic with an entire baguette. Oh, and then there was the steak au poivre that followed.

    Ooh! I just googled them, and their website maintains that APRIL IS GARLIC MONTH! (Pardon me while I go wipe my mouth.)

  8. Just did, and thank you for the heads-up; so many prayed for me a year ago, and I owe so much. I just sent up mine for her, and dropped her a note to tell her that. Thank you!

  9. Thank you, Candice, for your support.
    Before I address Suburban Correspondent's unprovoked attack, I must agree with her about the garlic sauce. Unbelievable. It was a masterly melding of the garlic and yogurt into a beautiful marriage of flavors -- not a marriage of convenience, mind you, but of unbridled passion -- juxtaposed with a whipped texture that filled the condiment cup like delightful, garlicky giggles. Oh, that the flavor could linger as long as the memories.
    As for the mall: we found the mall. We just couldn't find the restaurant. The fact that we made it at all is a testament to Human Will. And we more than made up for our tardiness with our sparkling conversation.
    By the way, your hair looked great.