Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What's Forever For?

Al and Tipper....really?

This news article about Al and Tipper's separation states that "...the Gores, over time, had carved out separate lives, with the former vice president on the road frequently" campaigning worldwide to draw attention to climate change. Does that mean that we can blame global warming for this, too?


  1. Oh, that is a funny line. Very clever.

    I always liked Tipper.

  2. You'd think they'd have managed to maintain a connection via the Internet. Isn't that why he invented it in the first place?

  3. Actually, I'd blame hot air. (His, of course!)

  4. Over here in my house, we're laying odds on the I'm just so bummed that their marriage is over after 40 years. My husband and I are at almost 19 and I kind of feel like, if a couple makes it that long, then they can make it through anything, right? But now the Gores have shaken my faith a bit. (Not in my husband, but in general.)

  5. That explains the shocked look on her face when he kissed her, remember? He probably hadn't touched her in like 50 years, and then he got carried away in the moment...

    I totally get it...

  6. So. In the divorce, who gets the big house and who gets the Internet?

    Seriously though? This makes me really sad. I suppose we can look at it as a 40-year success. But it is still sad.


  7. You know, nothing surprises me anymore. A couple in the public eye rarely makes it. Especially when the husband has found a mistress called Climate Change.

  8. You think they filed a paperless divorce?

  9. This divorce really makes me sad. From all appearances, they had more than a political marriage that they were maintaining for show. There seemed to be actual love and fondness for each other, and they had made it through some pretty tough times. I'm taking it as a caution that care and maintenance of the relationship really does matter. I've been married 20, and I can see how easy it is to sort of grow your seperate ways, no affair or sexual orientation change required.
    (oh, and Al never said that he invented the internet. However, he did sponsor legislation that led to the precursor to the internet, so he does have a legitimate claim to some of the history.)

  10. Agreed. I am continually frustrated by how flexible marital vows seem to have become. I recently went to a fabulously expensive wedding, after which it was discovered that he had a secret girlfriend still, and had been sending her money for years. They were divorced within 9 months. Depressing, isn't it?

    Oh, but happy things: yarn! cookies! sun!


  11. I was feeling pretty sad about it until I read all the very clever Internet and climate change jokes. Now I'm just feeling kinda sad.

  12. Glad Ann in NJ pointed out that Al never said he invented the internet. If any story needs to be permanently retired, behind the Richard Gere Gerbil story, then this is the one.

    I'm actually amazed they lasted 40 years. I'm amazed if any couples last 40 years. Unless they have fascinating careers and outside interests, what the HELL do they talk about?

    Of course, Gore has a fascinating career so there goes my theory out the window.

  13. I like the Internet jokes. Geez, can't we have any fun anymore?



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