Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes: The Abridged Edition

I got up early, cooked a healthy breakfast, and sewed a patch on David's Civil Air Patrol uniform. All before 8 AM!

This behavior is a little worrisome. Next thing you know, I'll be happily washing windows.


Rachel has recovered alarmingly quickly from her adenoidectomy. Ice cream must have amazing curative powers.


David leaves tomorrow for Encampment - 10 days of being yelled at and bossed around, in 95-degree heat (and high humidity), along with his Civil Air Patrol buddies. He can't wait. Which only goes to show y'all how teen boys belong to a different species than we grown-ups.


Theo is raking in a small fortune this summer (ooh - I didn't even see that pun coming!), mulching people's yards and trimming their shrubbery. Which makes me feel less bad about all the free babysitting he's providing...


Susie (aka She Who Is Hopelessly Spoiled But Not In A Cute Way) informed me yesterday that she is not going to learn to read. Never! She doesn't want to!


We watched Episode 12 of the original Star Trek series last night: Miri - the one with the bratty kids who are mocking Captain Kirk. The lead kid looked like the homeless guy in Scrooged. To settle the burning question of whether or not it was indeed the same actor, I had to look up his name and then check the Scrooged cast list. Turns out, we were right!

For some reason I clicked on over to Wikipedia (all roads lead to Wikipedia, actually), where I noticed that Michael J. Pollard's bio (that's his name - Michael J. Pollard) didn't list the homeless guy role. So I registered as an editor and fixed that glaring omission. Then I had to figure out how to hyperlink the source for the footnote - I did that, too.

And now? I'm blogging about it.

All of which is a good example of how the Internet wastes our time. Or, to be more accurate, how I waste my time on the Internet.


That's only 6, but I have to go buy some mulch for Father's Day (I know - what a great gift idea - lucky Larry!). Go check out Conversion Diary's 7 Quick Takes - she never shortchanges her readers.

[MichaelPollard Photo: Star Trek Guest Star Database]


  1. Good luck in Civil Air Patrol David, even though I don't know what that is.

  2. Ah, but you didn't waste time numbering the takes...that should hide what you're doing from all but the most pedantic readers. (Assuming you hadn't then gone and told us...)

  3. Hey. My son is an Australian Army Cadet as well. Same thing - wear a uniform, carry a pretend gun, get yelled at and bossed around, and grovel in the dirt a lot. Teenage boys, huh? Check him out, if u like...

  4. You two are quite the gift-givers!

    How did we live before IMDB?

  5. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    Nice of you to get Larry mulch for Father's Day. Theo can give Dad the gift of mulching it! My 19yo is doing the same thing this summer. Now if only the 17yo would get himself a lifeguarding job...
    I think SnakeMaster (10yo) would love David's camp. H-J, who is 14, would detest it; he prefers hogging the computer.
    Susie might learn to read if you tell her that you won't let her!

  6. Hey! My 15 yr old leaves for CAP encampment this Sat.

    He is so psyched, I can't get over it.

    I'll miss him, but he is really looking forward to it.