Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Stuff To Worry About

I wish I knew why I read all the health articles available on line. It's almost obsessive. But, hey - sometimes I learn something important. Take this article, for example - now I know that 3 burgers a week ups kids' asthma risk.

Burgers, huh? I guess we should switch to hotdogs, then?

Oh, and here's something a little mind-blowing:
Nearly 64 percent of teen boys said it's OK for an unmarried female to have a child, up from 50 percent in 2002. More than 70 percent of teen girls agreed, up from 65 percent, though the female increase was not statistically significant.
Tell me - why are they asking teens this question? Are teens the new experts on what it takes to raise a kid? This is just weird. And 70 percent of teen girls think its okay to be a single mom? I knew teen girls tend to be brain dead, but I didn't really want statistical proof.

Ah, finally - a little something to feed my hypochondria habit. Who knew that my tendency toward migraines doubles my chances of suffering a blood-clot induced stroke? Just think - this fun fact dovetails quite nicely with my long-held belief that I am going to die of deep-vein thrombosis. Cool!

I tried to find a good picture for deep-vein thrombosis. I'm sort of sorry I did that.

[Hotdog sign:]
[Juno photo: Wild Sound blog]


  1. I'm in shock on the unmarried pregnancy thing. But look how we teach them about it! My daughter is carrying around an egg for a week. It's ridiculously irrelevant.

    I once read somewhere that earlobe creases are a sure sign of heart disease. Let's not even talk about how I study my earlobes now.

  2. This is why I can no longer go on to WebMD. You plug your symptoms into the nifty little symptom tracker and come out knowing with absolute certainty that you have either gas or colon cancer.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  3. I prefer to live life with my head in the proverbial sand. Otherwise, I'd drive myself crazy reading up on diabetes, heart disease, and strokes.

  4. Well, you gotta die of something! I am convinced I'm going to die in some horrible violent car wreck where people will drive by while my various body parts are scattered across the road......

    So many polls are stupid. This sounds like another one.

    Gee, I'd better get some tea and cheer up!

  5. Thank you for sparing us the photos of deep vein thrombosis, SC!

    And I think there would be a big variation in responses depending on how the the poll question was worded. There's a big difference between saying 'yeah, it's okay for a single woman to have a child' vs. 'sure, I think it's a good idea for both a teenager and their child if a girl gets pregnant in high school'.

  6. I think that question is way too broad. There is a difference between being a single teen mom and a becoming a single mother later in life.

    I have my 9th graders doing research reports and PowerPoints on all aspects of teen pregnancy--from Facts & Myths to the Male Role to Sex-ed. They are hungry for facts, that's for sure.