Sunday, February 12, 2012

Here We Go Again...

I had an awesome Saturday afternoon, all alone in my own house.   I cleaned a little, I read a little, I took a nap.  Heaven.  All because my best friend invited Susie and Rachel over to play with her daughters.  And then Saturday night she texted me to say she had just found lice crawling all over her daughter's head. 

You know, I didn't want a nap THAT badly.

And, yes, this HAS happened before.   In fact, more than once.  I blame our stupid local school, with their lack of a no-nits policy and their out-and-out refusal to notify other parents when there is head lice going around the classroom.

I also blame the Obama administration.  I pay my taxes.  Shouldn't I be able to live a life free of parasitical infestations?  We need a little Seal Team 6 action here, Mr. President!  Forget those Somali pirates.  The real enemy is here at home, lurking on the heads of our school-aged children, threatening to drive their mothers to madness.

Just ask Michelle - I'm thinking she would agree with me on that. 


[Obama photo: Delamina]


  1. I know I've said this before, but I actually got San Diego Unified School District to change their no-nits policy.

    Lice is a nightmare.

  2. Did your kids get them this time around?

  3. Can't tell yet, of course. By the time you can see any bugs, you're really far along. I coated their hair with Cetaphil anyway. Better to catch it early.

  4. I click over to you from Ravelry's feed, you know, in my friend section. And I think it got cut off at "texted me to say," and I knew exactly what she was going to tell you. It could have been that one of her daughters had started puking, but no, I knew it was going to be lice. My kids have gone to school with tea tree oil rubbed into their hair every single day since the first day of school, even though we've gotten no warnings. I don't care. It makes me feel like I'm doing something preventative, anyway, even if it's rumor and hearsay. You know how I feel about lice...

  5. Can you imagine combing nits out of African hair? It's bad enough combing it anyway. You'd think Michelle would be more proactive.

    And I thought homeschool was supposed to prevent the transfer of vermin like that. I guess monatstic life is the only solution...

  6. You know, I'm willing to bet that Sidwell Friends has a no-nits policy.

  7. My thoughts, exactly. No wonder she didn't put them in public school.

  8. That has got to be the biggest slap in the face--all that relaxation undone by the damn lice.

    1. You know, I should have known it would come back to bite me.

  9. Gah. My kid's school is so pro-active about lice. The nurse (with a team of parent volunteers) checks every kid at the beginning of the year and after every school closure (like Christmas break). She recently found one kid in my kid's class - everyone gets a note home - and the nurse re-checks the kids every couple of days. Your school should be doing more.

  10. I've heard (while assistant teaching a kindergarten class) that lice won't infest the heads of African (American) children. Something about the coarseness of the hair shafts. I don't know this to be fact, but I know the school I taught in never checked the AA children, only the white and bi-racial. Hmmm.

  11. Your school refuses to notify parents?? Maybe that's better than getting the notices every other week like I do. I blame all the headphone sharing in the computer labs.

    Hate lice. So. Much.

  12. Oh God I hate lice!! My oldest has the thickest hair and she got it several times when her hair was really long. TWO movies it would take to comb out all that hair.

    I learned a better way to get rid of them than the chemical stuff though (apparently ours were too intelligent for that stuff). Witch hazel and tea tree oil. Smells absolutely horrible but it works!

  13. We got an email from the school a few months ago, notifying us that several children in the 6th grade had been found to have lice. (my son is in 6th grade) They went on to say that all of the kids in the grade had been inspected by medical professionals and if we hadn't received a note specifically saying that our kid had lice, then they were OK.
    When my kids got home, I asked my son about the incident. Apparently, the "medical professional" who checked him was the ditsy school receptionist.
    I was not impressed.

  14. Gosh darn it, you have bad juju when it comes to lice alerts!

    My head is now itchy.

  15. I don't remember any lice or ear infections for me or any of my classmates, growing up. But we did have measles, measles, chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, and death by lack of seat belt.



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