November? Still?

My leftovers didn't look this tidy.
Oh, hi.  Tuesday, you say?  I've been so busy making the kids cry by forcing MORE Thanksgiving leftovers on them, I sort of lost track of the time.  Used the last of the turkey today.  I think there are still a few mashed potatoes lurking somewhere in that fridge of mine, though.

KIDS! DON'T MESS WITH ME!  I have leftovers, and I know how to use them.

I am completely discombobulated by the fact that it is 5 days post-Thanksgiving, but it isn't December yet.  Also, by the fact that I used the word "discombobulated..."

Larry and I found a bottle of white wine in the freezer yesterday.  That's normal, right?  Wine-sicles, anyone?

If I sound distracted, it is because I am typing this in Starbucks, where I am surrounded by a veritable bevy of Norwegian-looking au pairs.  These girls are beyond gorgeous.  I'm thinking I was wise to avoid ever hiring one, seeing as how I really didn't need my lovely postpartum self to look even worse by comparison.

That's all I got tonight.  I have to head home now and yell at the kids for messing up my Bunko-clean living room.  Maybe I should get a live-in maid.  An old, unattractive one, of course...

[Leftovers image: The Weather Up Here]


  1. We had a very small turkey a few days early. Used the leftovers for a giant batch of enchiladas. So now we have leftover enchiladas. I can make leftovers out of leftovers. They are the bane of my existence.

  2. We had no leftovers, since we potlucked at my in-laws' house , but they did send us home with a plethora of potatoes from a friend's field. Last night's bounty of mashed spuds is enough to keep us happy for at least one more meal.
    I'll take a winesickle, please!

  3. I had a Pampered Chef clean house for about 24.5 hours. It was wonderful. It is so much easier to keep picked up and not overwhelming. Then, I went to help a friend put together some Christmas crafts. I was gone for exactly 2.5 hours. I don't think I have to continue, do I? You know the horrors that I walked into. I am so sad.

  4. We finished most of our leftovers yesterday, except for the turkey. I will, of course, be making turkey noodle soup tomorrow...

  5. To find wine--what a lovely surprise! As good as leftover food.

  6. Had to stop by when I saw your twitter handle. I though SEE? THAT's why I didn't have kids - Kids vomit mice!


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