Wherein Larry Invents A New Lung Disease

I would LOVE to blog at you tonight, but Larry has resumed practicing his hobby of tearing out our walls, and this time the living room was his victim.  Meaning, the entire main floor of the house smells carcinogenic due to whatever nasty stuff he was using to seal all the cracks in the cinder blocks that were under the dry wall he ripped off today.  We even opened all the windows for a couple of hours to try to air the place out, but the air still smells poisonous in here.  So I am going to escape to our (hopefully) smell-free upper level and try to pretend that our house doesn't look vandalized and somewhat haunted.

Also?  It's my bedtime.  I'm trying to stick to my January resolution here.  I'll be back tomorrow with pics of the devastation, I promise.


  1. Just a little something to mess with your bedtime. (Imagine how THEIR house smelled after Edith's little fiasco…) No post on my own blog yet, so go straight to Lillie's:

  2. I am astounded. I also stand by, ready with multiple bottles of wine and a really comfortable guest bed.

  3. I live with one of those, too. Here's proof. https://birdiesiview.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/waiting-to-inhale/

  4. I don't think I hit the space bar that many times. But, maybe.


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