Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So, that thing where Larry is using my dining room table as a workbench?  It's still happening.

Not quite what I envisioned when I bought this table from a friend...

But, hey, he's got the insulation up.  We just have to wait until Friday for the electrician to install some extra electrical outlets, and then we can finish the drywall.

"We" - as if I am going anywhere NEAR this crazy project.  No, I am just sitting in our little den (into which we have had to squeeze an extra couch and armchair) and knitting away.  You know, pretending none of it is happening. Denial is my default mode, so far as chaos is concerned.

You know, I just realized that the table that's usually in the den - a lovely maple dropleaf given to me by a neighbor - is missing.  I have no idea where Larry put it when he rearranged (to put it mildly) our house. Where does one hide something that large?

Never mind - it's probably under another pile of tools and drop cloths somewhere...

Someone I don't know called me from our church today, explaining that the woman who runs the youth ministry has been very sick; and she just informed him (from her hospital bed) that the youth group is supposed to be bringing food and volunteering at a hypothermia shelter this Friday.  As in 2 DAYS from now.  Only she was never able to get around to arranging anything - no food, no volunteers, nothing.  He said she gave him my name to call for help.

I can only surmise that when push comes to shove and you need someone to handle the food, you look for the Jewish person.

Anyway, being a sucker for organizing large amounts of food for large groups of people (see above, re Jewish person), I volunteered to make this thing happen. "We can do it," I told the overwhelmed person at the other end of the phone line. "All we need is Signup Genius and a really good email contact list."  I could sort of feel the adrenaline surging as I said this, much like I imagine an Olympic athlete feels right before a big event.

Apparently, my sport is catering.

I felt like this, only with less muscle definition.

Luckily, saner heads (HIS head, actually) prevailed: he called the church hosting the shelter and explained our predicament and they said not to worry about it, they could handle it themselves. Which, in my case, is a total win: he thinks I am wonderful (if insane) for offering to make this thing work with only 48 hours notice, but I end up having to do NOT ONE THING.

I think I could have pulled it off, though.  SignUp Genius is pretty awesome.

[Start line image: BlackDoctor]


  1. "We" comes in many forms: the masculine "we" (we are putting up insulation), the feminine "we" (we need to do laundry), and the non-gender-specific we (we are going camping). My dh and I often clarify which version of "we" is being discussed, especially in public.
    Volunteering without repercussions -- now that is the way to do it!

  2. Oh my owed you make me laugh.
    And sign up genius is the best thing the internet ever invented.

  3. You are a hero just being so willing.
    I hope Larry wraps it up and unwraps your stuff again.