Monday, January 12, 2015

Wherein Everything Easy is Difficult Again

Ice storm predicted for this morning, and of course nothing happened.  So now we're facing a cold, rainy day, with none of the glittering prettiness of bare tree branches encased in ice.

Says the woman who does NOT have to drive to work in the morning...I'm sure the rest of my neighbors are actually very happy with these weather conditions.

All my library books are overdue.  It's a January tradition in our family, made more galling this year by the fact that most of those books have been riding around in my car for a week, waiting for me to remember to stop by the library and turn them in.

Have I mentioned the library is only about a mile from my house?  Sometimes I impress even myself with my capacity to make an easy task well nigh impossible.

Anyone else like using the phrase "well nigh"?  Just me?  Oh, well...


  1. Been there, done that. Hundreds of times. But you wrote about it way better. :)
    And our library raised fines to 20 cents per day. We've paid the cost of an entire bookstore in fines over the last 16 years.

  2. We just don't check out library books anymore because I could not drive my car to the drive up "return box" on time! Don't feel bad

  3. I read a lot of books on line. Our local library is part of the Blue Ridge download consortium. We can borrow digital versions of many books online. I can either read them in my browser or install Overdrive (Adobe product) and download them to my phone or pc.

  4. To my husband, an overdue library book is one of the worst sins in the book. I and well nigh his polar opposite, as I view paying my fine as an opportunity to make a donation to the library. If it weren't for online renewal, I would find it well nigh impossible to get my library books back on time.

  5. That cartoon is the best!! I have now received two (two!) emailed notices from our public library about a book I need to return. The worst part is that I even have a master's in library science. It's like a rabbi eating pork.

  6. I paid the 80-cent fine on a book just last week. I'm pretty sure the book I haven't yet returned is also overdue. I might have to switch to borrowing books on the Kindle because then they will just disappear when my book is due. And I could well nigh get myself to our library which is also less than a mile away... if I wanted to leave the house.

  7. I love that I can renew my library books online. Just as long as I don't have any fines, then they close that down and that really sucks.



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