Thursday, January 08, 2015

Duct Tape - Not Always The Answer

School was canceled today.  I bet you're thinking it must have snowed again, right?  Wrong.  It was so cold (how cold was it?) was so cold that the schoolbuses couldn't start.

3 degrees, in case you are wondering.  Apparently, we can't HANDLE the cold.

So how do those kids in Canada and Maine and Wisconsin get to school in the winter, anyway? Horse and buggy? Someone enlighten me, please.  Green Girl?

It wasn't nearly this bad, people...


Let's hear it for Facebook - if it weren't for the wisdom dispensed there, I would still have 2 muffin tins crusted with cooked-on egg (result of a Pinterest fail) soaking in my sink.  Because they were non-stick tins, I had no idea how to get the stuff off without damaging the finish.  The answer? Baking soda, that unassuming hero of the kitchen. 

I should have known, right?  After all, baking soda fixes everything that duct tape can't.


Doesn't it look warm to you?

Larry and David are still in Alabama, where it was 5 degrees this morning.  I didn't even know that was possible down there.


A neighbor just offered to feed my girls dinner and show them a movie.  I love my neighbor.


And that's all, folks! It's a slow news day around here.  I'm thinking I sort of like it that way.

[Schoolbus image: Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan]
[Alabama image: Jewish Virtual Library]


  1. My kids are very unhappily going to school at normal time each day, despite all of the public schools closing or delayed a couple of hours. When there are no buses (or kids standing at bus stops), there is no reason to delay school for cold weather.

    I did not know that about baking soda. Good to know.

  2. My Michigan kids would like to know where you got your wimpy buses. And if there is any possibility of trading our Starts-Just-Fine-In-Near-Zero-Temps fleet for yours.

  3. It amazes me the conditions those cold weather states still have school in. We had this weird wind/rain storm and they cancelled some schools lol.

  4. Colder areas, including Northern Minnesota, have engine block heaters in their cars and something similar in the diesel trucks. Said heaters are plugged in when vehicles are parked and help keep the antifreeze and other car fluids warm enough so the vehicle will start the next morning.

  5. We've never had trouble starting our engines here in Eastern WA (approximately 150 miles from the Canadian border). I think your buses have Southerner engines.
    On the other hand, 3 degrees Fahrenheit is kind of cold...

  6. It was 3F when I took my kids to school yesterday, but temps had DOUBLED by time I got back home. Exponential increases!! Anyway, a few larger cities cancelled because they didn't want kids standing outside waiting for buses in that weather, but since our school got rid of walkable bus stops and everybody has to either be driven to the bus stop or to school, there was no reason to cancel. MY bus (a Subaru Outback) always starts. So off to school we went. However, my 10yo was mightily ticked off that our future state got more snow earlier this week than we did. NO FAIR he says.

  7. Snowmobile, skis, snowshoes, and (this may shock you) front wheel drive. 4WD is overrated, trust me. All you need is front wheel drive and a shovel in your back seat just in case you hit a big drift.
    I always forget to give baking soda its due respect, thanks for the reminder!



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