Monday, January 26, 2015

Reminder: Book Giveaway

I am a tad under the weather right now and not up to posting, but I just wanted to remind people that yesterday's post has a book giveaway in it. Please comment there if you are interested!

My schedule for the week is busy: along with sulking over not experiencing a blizzard of historic proportions and looking enviously at all the photos from New York and Boston, I will also be throwing caution to the winds by taking a learn-to-ski lesson with the girls at a nearby resort. A friend talked me into it, maybe because she needs some comic relief.  I have only been on skis once in my life, when I visited Maine with a college friend and she convinced me to try cross-country skiing.  My only memory from that excursion is of me face down in the snow with no idea how to get up, whilst my skiing comrades stood in a circle around me and laughed themselves silly.

So, yeah, I am not too optimistic about this outing. THERE WILL BE NO PICTURES.


  1. After you're done watching back episodes on your iPad in your hospital bed...

  2. Will you be taking downhill or cross-country lessons?

    I was taught to ski by my brothers. Their method? "Come on with us! Just take the lift to the top of the mountain! It will be easy!" And then as soon as I managed to dismount the lift (which was a miracle), off they went, leaving me in the snowdust. If I needed to stop, I had to fall down. On purpose. Did I mention that I have a fear of heights?

    Hence, I do not ski. I wish you well in your ski lesson. I will be home drinking hot chocolate on your behalf.

    1. Downhill. I am not EVER leaving the bunny slope, though. Hate heights. Heck, I don't think I am coordinated enough to get on and off a ski lift, actually...

    2. Depends on the ski lift, really. I will highly recommend that you beg, borrow or steal ski pants if you don't already own them. Beginning skiers will fall, it just happens. You'll enjoy the day a lot more if you aren't wet and or numb with cold.

      That having been said? I learned to downhill ski as an adult, because I'd moved to NH and wanted to take advantage of outdoor winter activities. And I love it. Yeah, there's some falling at first. But it's a tremendous amount of fun. And getting the right gear (snow pants and long underwear) made a huge difference to the level of enjoyment. Haven't been out in way too long, actually.

    3. Why oh why do people think that is the proper way to teach a person to ski?!? I'll join Carolyn with the hot cocoa.

  3. You just described my one and only time on downhill skis.
    I enjoyed XC skiing for many years but now it hurts just to walk. Also, I'd probably not be able to get back up if I fell.